Nov 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

This week was forever long. It all started Sunday night when we realized we had given Landon some banana and he ended up throwing up the majority of the night. Turns out he's pretty allergic to them ( and we had to find out the hard way with a scared and of course, miserable little guy for a few hours).  That same night Lily kept getting up from her room to try and sleep with us because she was scared and 3 or 4 times we had to keep bringing her back to her room. That left us with a few hours of sleep if that. Goodness.

The rest of the week was up and down for both kids. Still both not sleeping through the night- I attempted to give Landon his first bottle of formula the other night because my supply is severely dwindling and in my hast I didn't even read the can and realized the next morning it was a milk based formula ( as majority of them all are ) and his eczema was in full force! Well that just made us realize his milk allergy is there. I truly felt awful though and thanks to all your help, I was able to start him on Similac Alimentum . So far so good. Phew!

Okay so that was a huge sum of our crazy week so can you tell I'm praying we have a low key weekend? Thankfully we do with a few things in the works, especially getting ready for the Thanksgiving next week. This year is a little different as it's just our family and my sister is flying down. Woo! Anyways- let's get started on a few Friday Favorite shall we! As usual I'm sharing what I'm enjoying this week in hopes to inspire and encourage you all to share what you are loving too in the comments below!

1. Halo Sleep Sacks - I shared this on my Insta Stories about these adorable Halo Sleep Sacks! I'm going to go a bit more in depth on why I love this brand and why I picked these particular ones out for my little man so stay tuned for that!

2. GIVEAWAY - Last week I raved on this amazing map necklace D.Geller and Son let me design with them. Basically you are able to put any street or location on a map and pinpoint a spot with a small diamond. There are so many fun and unique things to think of such as where you met your significant other, your childhood home, where you became engaged/married or a place that you love to travel too. So many of you also shared my love of this incredible map necklace that we chatted and decided that a Giveaway had to be done! If you live in Georgia, you do NOT want to miss this. Be sure to follow my INSTAGRAM for this Giveaway friends- it starts tonight at 8pm!

3. Buffalo Plaid - I'm have become obsessed with this print for the colder months. Although it doesn't get super chilly here in Atlanta, we'll be traveling back up north to visit our Iowa friends and family over Christmas ( Landon's first time seeing snow !! ) and I wanted to grab some warmer gear for the kids! Thank goodness Old Navy and Carters  has some of the cutest items ( goodbye money ) so I grabbed a few things. You may be seeing more in the future..

4. Christmas Decorating - Zach and I have already started to think of some Christmas ideas for our home and may even be putting up a few things starting tomorrow! Since we actually aren't here for Christmas this year, we still want to put up the tree and enjoy a festive time for a few weeks before we leave! Is anyone else super excited to put up Christmas decorations?

What are you loving today? 

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Nov 16, 2017

How To Plan A Date Night In ( Budget Friendly)

This post was sponsored Tai Pei, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.
 The last few weeks have been extremely stressful. From work deadlines to blogging campaigns, sick kids and a house that's a mess, I was thinking I needed a break. Zach and I had planned a date night but our sitter canceled at the last minute so we had to improvise on what we could do and what we had in our house. I wanted to make it somewhat special because we haven't been able to spend too much time alone the last few weeks so I proposed a few things for us to set up a date night in ( and that was budget friendly ! ). 

The first thing I thought of was needing to have a few minutes to set everything up for just the two of us. Zach offered to bathe both kids, read a few books and put them to bed while I got to work downstairs. #Winning! I set the table but not just with ordinary utensils and plates-- I found our wedding china to make it a little more elegant. Add a few candles and voila, a romantic setting just for two!

Since I didn't have a lot of time to figure out what to prepare for dinner, I needed something that I knew we both would enjoy and could help us out in a time crunch! Tai Pei Frozen Fried Rice to the rescue! Often times when I think of a "quick meal" like this, I realize that it probably isn't going to be the healthiest of meals. Tai Pei actually uses pure and no preservatives which include great tasting entrees with each single serving! I found these meals in the freezer section at my local Walmart!

While I grabbed a Tai Pei out of our freezer, I loved that I could just put it in the microwave for a few minutes thanks to their new packaging. Tai Pei Asian Food entrees has a variety of choices made with flavor-infused rice such as Beef and Broccoli, Chicken Fried Rice and Orange Chicken.

Once the entree was heated up, I place them on our plates, lit the candles and poured a glass of wine for us to enjoy. I forgot how nice it was to enjoy just a delicious meal in the comfort of our own home after a busy day. Although we adore being parents, it's important to us to find time along ( which we end up chatting about the kids still ha ) and stay connected.
We loved the idea of enjoying an easy meal in our home! The best part is you can save $1 using the coupon of your favorite Asian Foods. Don't forget to check out more information about these yummy meals and how you can plan a fun, easy and delicious date night dinner in minutes!
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Nov 15, 2017

A Friends "BloggersGiving"

Way back when 7 years ago when I first started a blog, I was really just starting to stay in touch with friends and family. I've always loved to write and share experiences plus I loved learning about other people's lives around the world. The blogging world just sort of fit and understood me.
Fast forward from a graduate student to a Mom of two kids, working two full time jobs ( and another side part time...I know I'm nuts ) and loving every minute- this little blog has really been through a lot. One of the main reasons I decided to take this blog and turn it into a side business two years ago was not just to make a small income but also to connect with other people. Isn't that the true heart of what blogging is? Connecting?
Since we moved to Atlanta three years ago, I've put myself out of my comfort zone and attended several different events, met with various bloggers and creative team members and made the most of every situation that's come my way. This past weekend, I got together with about 20 other Atlanta bloggers to have our first ever "FriendsGiving" at Chanel's home.

Truth: I have never laughed so hard, smiled so much and truly felt more in my element then with all these amazing woman. Blogging can be really tough as well as lonely. Getting out there, meeting and talking with the woman behind some of my favorite blogs and bouncing ideas off one another on potential campaigns and clients was inspiring as it was humbling. These woman sure know how to make everyone feel included regardless of how many followers you have on your Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, counting your blessings and being in the moment. Sunday was exactly that. We all came together, brought a dish, sat around a gorgeous table and talked about everything, anything and life in general. I truly have never loved these woman more, been so inspired and felt more appreciated by a group of woman!

Amanda: Foxy Twine
Ashley: House of Dorough
Cait: Cait’s Cozy Corner
Candace: Can1Love
Chanel: Chanel Moving Forward
Claire: Casual Claire
Elise: Belle Meets World
Faith: The Articles of Faith
Helen: Hel on Heels
Jessica: Dusang Exchange
Jordan: Jordan Berecz
Kira: Kira-Marie
Loren: Lo Chandler
Melodie: The Style Klazit
Mireille: City Peach
Patty: Life of a Minister Mom
Sarah: Pretty Little Lists
Shannon: Mom Without Labels
Sherri: Rage Against the Mom Jean

Do you celebrate a "Friendsgiving"? 

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