May 18, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! Anyone else had the longest week ever with a screaming tantrum throwing toddler? I'm sure you saw my little monster on InstaStories in his element because darn teeth, they are just killing both of us right now. Nothing a few glasses of wine can't fix at the end of the day right? I'm also enjoying all the coffee right now because Landon thinks getting up between 5:30/6am is acceptable the last 4 days in a row.

I'm running a bunch of errands today for a kids free weekend and yes, this Mom is more than ready to enjoy some time with my college friends! Zach and I are heading out of town to attend one of our good friend's wedding and I'm so excited for a little R&R time! I'm also excited to share some favorites with you all from this week!

LBD & JUMPSUIT- I've been on the hunt for the cutest little black dress to wear when we visit Positano in a few months and I think I found it! I love a good maxi dress but THIS one is super soft, comfortable and a great price. I found a few other favorites HERE ($6) and HERE too I think you'll like. I also love this black jumpsuit too!

Hair Vitamins - I shared a collagen post with you all and recently began taking THESE that I saw at Ulta. The woman told me that it was also a great alternative to the ones I was using and I love the sweet gummy texture with these vitamins! Healthy hair here I come!

Honey Belle Bead Roller - I've seen a few bloggers using these rollers to help with puffiness and bloating so  I picked THIS up at Francesca's. It also helps to fight aging, eliminates toxins, improves skin tone, increases blood circulation to your face to help renewal your skin process for flat lines and wrinkles. If you want a quick demonstration let me know in the comments ( it's basically just rolling it around your head in an upward motion ha ) ! I've noticed a small difference in the last few days so I'll keep you updated!

The Conscious Parent- I've been looking for a new book to read to help me work on my parenting skills with Lily and this actually came about while I was listening to a podcast on my walk the other day. I was so excited to hear all about this new way of parenting, how we should look at our own children as not a 'mini' but as a 'mirror of our own of our forgotten self'. It's only $7 right now!

The Royal Wedding - Anyone else a huge fan of what's to come tomorrow morning for the royal wedding?! Despite having a 3 hour road trip, I'm still planning on getting up at 4:45am, grabbing a big mug of coffee and squeeling over all things wedding related for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day! Whose in!?

13 Reasons Why Season 2 : When I was on maternity leave with Landon last year I binge watched 13 Reasons Why in about two weeks and was hooked! I even went out and purchased the book and although it didn't dive into the characters as well as the show, I was still in awe of it. I know many parents are concerned with the show because it does discuss and show some tough topics but I still enjoyed it and helped me to look for warning signs when my daughters gets to high school.

Whose watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow?
What are some things you are loving this week? 
Are you watching 13 Reasons Why?

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May 15, 2018

How To Make And KEEP Your Mom Tribe!

There comes a moment as a new Mom ( or even a new Mom in a new town ) when she looks around and says " I need a Mom tribe ( I've shared how to make a FRIEND tribe ) . My own village. I'm fun! I'm cool and I know how to make friends!" and so, she hopes to begin her path to join a local mom group on social media, attend those Mommy and Me classes a few friends were raving about and make small talk with any Mom at the local playground. But then, after a few weeks of attempting all of that, it seems that making Mom friends is a lot harder than making friends in high school.

Honestly, it seems ridiculous that it's hard to make Mom friends, especially when so many Mom's stay at home to raise their kids. We should all be tripping over all our Mom friends but it may just not be how it works. Do you have to make Mom friends? Well no, not really. There isn't a requirement that says you have to have Mom friends for a social life but most of my friends are not parents and that's ok too.

To me, there a lot of great reasons to have a Mom tribe once you have your children. Mom's can relate to other Moms on subjects that might poor your other friends. They are amazing to have during school meetings or dull sporting events. Mom friends are great cross-references to gain and confirm knowledge. For example "My child is having a birthday coming up. Do you know some good places for a four year old?". Think of them as your own personalized Siri who always understands you. When you find your good mom friends, but good luck until you do because girl, it is HARD sometimes.
Here are some ideas on how to make and KEEP your Mom tribe going!

1. No Judgement - As a parent, there are hundreds of choices and decisions that you make on behalf of your family but it seems that each side has its fiercest supporters and critics. Circumsized vs intact. Co-sleeping vs cry it out. Bottle vs breast. It's so much! These choices can be personal and died to even deeper emotion then you think. When you meet other Mom's, you'll find what works for your family may not work for others so make sure to check that Mom shamming at the door.  I would suggest look at it as a learning opportunity and you might find a solution to your own challenges that you may have never thought before.

2. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone - It can be really nerve racking to make new friends in adulthood. Sometimes when you are homebound with a new baby, you aren't exactly immersed in an ew social situation on a daily basis. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation  if it's online, in your neighborhood or at the store. It may not lead to your best friend but it might one day! Also check out group meetings in your area. Organizations hold local meetings throughout the month and it's a great way to meet other parents, learn something new or ask questions.

3. Be SOCIAL - The internet really has changed the face of what motherhood is all about. A new mom can find it hard to imagine what it was like before Amazon Prime for diaper deliveries, Google for any sort of baby ailment or Instagram to help fill the time during your pumping sessions. There are so many supporters online that you may not be able to meet face to face. Better yet, you can use your social media to facilitate an in person meet up!

4. Choose Activities - When you finally have your group of Mom's together, what will you do when you get together? Will you have coffee at a local coffee shop? Will you have a book club? Do you want everyone to come over for one big crazy baby party! Activities can even be as simple as sharing articles related to parenting to discuss as a group.

Sometimes putting a Mom tribe together can be difficult. Not everyone is going to see eye to eye or worse yet, not all kids are going to get along. It's ok. If you're feeling good chemistry with another Mom, exchange numbers and make an effort to spend time with them. That rule of 'to have good friends you need to be a good friend' is key.

How have you met your local Mom tribe? At your church? At a playgroup meet up? What are some tips you have for keeping your own Mom tribe going?

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May 14, 2018

Work Hard, Rest Hard #MondayMatters

I feel as if this is becoming maybe a big trend with the way I live life right now since being a SAHM but I'm trying to be better at balancing my life a little bit. I think we all can understand that trying to multi task the endless juggling of work, home life, social life and everything in between is such a daily issue at times.

But then I heard this quote the other day from a fellow blogger who I super admire and she kept saying over and over how important it was to of course work our butts off.. but just as equally important, is resting. We all know that saying of "Work Hard, Play Hard" but let's change it up a bit.

Work Hard, Rest Hard. 

I'm all about rewarding great behavior or task on a job well done. As bloggers, we really work out butt's off to promote our brand to others, connecting with fellow friends and schedule all our posts to social media websites. As parents, we work on keeping our kids alive every day ( ha ..but seriously ), plan events, grocery shop, keep the house clean etc. As friends, it's all about spending quality time with those friends who support us, uplifting them, encouraging them and above all listening to them when they need it.

Now that you've run a million laps around the room, what's your reward? REST and all by means, that means DONT plan anything. Take the time to do absolutely nothing. What makes me laugh the hardest because it's so true, is when my parent friends will plan this great weekend alone without their kids, only to spend it all ordering room service and binge watching Netflix all day.


The point is you work hard so why not enjoy some down time. You deserve it. You crave it. You need to plan it out on a daily basis. Your body will thank you for it.

My question to you on this crazy Monday is, are you taking to rest today?

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