Apr 15, 2019

20 Unique Gifts For Mother's Day

I've been a Mom for only 5 years but I loved getting cute and unique gifts from my family for Mother's Day. Of course there was the BIG year where I got something super huge from my family of four but of course I would never expect something like that every year ( and if so, you'll know we've won the lottery ha ). I also loved THIS gift too.

I wanted to find some personalized items if you're thinking about getting your Mom something unique or helping out a fellow friend with what to get their own wife for Mother's Day! I do own a few of these items myself while others are one's I'll just put on the wish list and see what happens.

What are some items you're hoping to receive or wish for this year? 

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Apr 10, 2019

My Morning Routine ( For #WAHM/#SAHM )

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If you follow me along on my Insta Stories you'll see that I share my schedule with you to keep myself accountable for what I'm doing for that day ( and also because many of you admitted to being nosey and like to see what I'm up too! ) A question that keeps coming up now that I'm a SAHM/WAHM is what my morning routine is like.

Let me share by saying that even before kids I've always been a morning person. The morning was my oyster to beat the clock and get everything done off my to do list before 10am if I could. I loved being able to get items finished so I could enjoy the rest of the day and still attempt to do it to this day in my early 30's.

One thing really always helps my morning routine go smoothly is setting everything up the night before. This means I put my work out clothes near my bed to put on the second my alarm goes off, setting out my water, weights and yoga mat in front of the TV to start my work out and prep breakfast for myself, the kids and the husband.

The mornings can be super chaotic and without doing this small prep work at night, it really helps me focus on what's important in the morning when I get up. Of course, not all mornings start this way of course because #Kids and if you have ones that are like yourself ( aka my daughter gets up at 6am ready to go ) I like to at least get something checked off my list before the chaos begins.

My favorite items are below!

5-6am: I wake up to my alarm and grab my work out clothes. I'll change and then head downstairs to start my work out ( check my favorite ones here

6-730 : I chug a glass of water while the coffee brews and start to check my emails. Once the coffee is done I'll enjoy a cup in my favorite mug while writing down in my Gratitude Journal what I'm thankful for the day ( usually about 5 things per day ), and begin getting breakfast ready for the kids. Our favorites are overnight oats, pancakes or eggs and avocados. Lily usually comes down around 6:15/6:30 and Landon will wake up around 7am. Both kids eat and then we get dresses upstairs, brush our teeth and come back down.
7:30-8: I usually am double checking what we have for the car ie a water bottle for the kids, snacks for later if we have errands to run after school, making sure backpacks, coats and shoes are out for them to reach in their locker 

The rest of the morning is driving to school, getting errands done and getting work done but that's usually my morning. Tell me what is your morning like?

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Apr 8, 2019

#RealTalk Let's Talk Gut Healing

This post is sponsored by  Holigos™ but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Did you know that up to 15% of the population suffers from IBS with symptoms including constipation, stomach pains, bloating and diarrhea? I've been one to have these symptoms since I was a child and have tried everything under the sun with various products on the market to make me feel more regular and normal. In truth, I've always been extremely embarrassed by this but realized if I talk about it more, and share my story with all of you, then I won't feel so alone.  For the past 32 years, nothing really was a great fit until I began to start using Holigos™

Holigos™ helps IBS sufferers manage their condition in a way which is truly a unique approach. It's fundamental causes really relate to our modern diet and lifestyle and doesn't just reduce the symptoms that we have. Simply empty a stick pack into a glass of coffee, water or any cold or warm food and you're all set! I have tried so many various products that taste terrible or I was restricted on when or how I could use it. This is so easy that I don't even think about it and have just added it to my normal morning routine of drinking coffee. 

Holigos™ IBS is a new, non prescription product formulated with Human-Natural Oligosaccharides. Basically, iti s a medical food clinical proven to help people with IBS nutritionally and manage common symptoms like the ones I shared above. Human-Natural Oligosaccharides are nutrients unique to the human body as they are similar to those found in the protective lining of the digestive tract and identical in structure to those found in mother’s milk. Hence, our bodies themselves produce these unique compounds which are critical for digestive health. Mothers produce them in their milk in the form of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) to give their babies the best start in life. The evidence available shows that HNOs do the same for adults as they do for babies. They nourish and support our intestinal barrier by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. This process helps build strong intestinal barriers and regulate the immune system as well as promote overall digestive and immune health.

Basically it's there to help improve your gut. Research has shown people have an unbalanced gut micro biome and this products helps to feed your own gut bacteria by allowing them to grow and flourish. I've had less pain which means the pain I was getting over a few days has reduced significantly as well as reduce the bloating I see by more than 60%. I love that it can be mixed with anything and perfect for on the go when their stick packs so no refrigeration is needed for a busy Mom like myself. 

Did you know that April is IBS awareness month which is perfect timing to share your own story with me too in the comment below! Curious to learn more? Check them out at www.holigos.com and receive 15% off by subscribing to Holigos™ and/or 15% off on first purchase by subscribing to the Holigos™ newsletter. 

How are you healing your gut this Spring? 
Do you suffer from IBS symptoms?

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