Jan 18, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! A lot of you thought that I should bring back some round ups of my favorite things on Friday so yay here it is! I'm so looking forward to a relaxing weekend, one that I've needed for a while. Alright so pour that third cup of coffee, because you know I'm on mine, and let's enjoy this day of fun sales, laughs and all the things I'm enjoying!

1. Help your anxiety with this little trick 
2. This gel eye mask helps cool my face after a long work out and it feel soooo good!
3. Are you on the celery juice kick yet?
4. I'm loving our Book Club book - have you started reading it and if so what do you think?!
5. Learning to live a stress free life
6. This casual sweatshirt is on repeat this weekend and its under $20
7. I'm so obsessed with this watch to help my work outs and this band is everything
8. I'm yearning for this spring candle to put everywhere in my home
9. This eyebrow razor is life changing to get all the peach fuzz off your face
10. What to say to your kids instead of saying no
11. This tote just went into my cart for an upcoming trip to Dublin this fall
12. Anyone else a huge fan of Tidying Up? These 25 steps will help!
13. I'm freaked out watching YOU on Netflix. Have you watched?
14. My kitchen update was a huge hit and you all loved it
15. Getting my life organized thanks to this planner
16. Deciding WHO you are takes time..so I wrote about it.

What are your plans for the weekend 
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Jan 16, 2019

New House Tour: Our Kitchen

This has def been a long time coming I know friends. Since we moved into our new home last September, we've been decorating, re-directing and organizing all the rooms in our home and loving every minute of it .

When we first knew we waned to build our home, I wanted the kitchen to be as neutral as possible so I could add pops of color when I needed too depending on the season. For the most part, our kitchen walls are a french grey that I absolutely love. It's not too dark or too light and gives such a calming feel when you walk in our home.
I loved this runner rug ( similar ) when I saw it and thought the pop of color was perfect to add. I love the various colors that this particular rug has and it's also extremely soft. Also, these gold handles were SO difficult to find during the summer months but luckily I did grab all the ones I needed for our finished look. I seriously get so many compliments on them plus they are extremely sturdy and affordable.
One of our biggest ideas and exciting ideas that we came up with in our kitchen was our island. Zach had a genius idea to use our island not only for storage, but also to add our microwave and a wine cooler. It was such a great thought to help also with space as well as having it right there for us and company to use when needed. This one we purchased fits exactly the spot. 
Our bar area was a big upgrade that we weren't sure we wanted but so glad we went ahead with it for our kitchen. I added the gold handles on the bottom but for the top I wanted different knobs because we were storing some nice wine glasses and other glasses from our wedding. It was a bit formal but I fell in love with these knobs that had some gold knobs on the back.
We have a small area next to our GE Cafe Double Ovens. That was a huge request of mine for the new kitchen to be able to cook and bake as much as I knew I'd be doing now that I would be staying at home and these ovens do not disappoint! I love that they had internet connection and had steam cleaning. 

Our coffee nook is a great spot to grab everything we need plus all our coffee items are right in the corner. I love our new Ninja coffee maker that we purchased because it makes incredible lattes plus the frother is perfect for adding a little extra enjoyment in the morning. 

So there you have it! That's our little kitchen tour! I hope it inspires you and any questions you have on backsplash I'm happy to give out a local business that we loved! This is one of my favorite places that we created and I'm so happy with everything on how it came together! Keep coming back to see some decorating tips too! 
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Jan 14, 2019

Deciding On Who You Are Takes Time

Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by a label.

Not just the big labels such as Tiffany, Gucci, Jimmy Choo or Cartier but those other big ones; stupid, skinny, liar, disabled, thief, fat. Yes- all THOSE labels that we don't think of.

When I was 12, I was labeled with a learning disability, a blessing and a curse that made me feel different from my peers around me. I was pulled out of certain classes to get extra help that I needed but during that time, I felt isolated and unfamiliar with those around me. Middle School is hard enough and I didn't want to be different from my peers. I wanted to just try and fit in with everyone else.

Around 16 I went shopping with a few girlfriends and one of them told me she couldn't shop with me because I made HER feel insecure about her body and labeled me as "TOO SKINNY". Then a few of my friends would ask how much I ate that day, why I never put on weight, what my secret diet of the week was. The truth was, I did eat and they all knew that but never let me just be who I am.

When kids get called a loser by a few people, they suddenly begin to believe they are one and then sometimes they can even act like a loser. Just because you failed, doesn't mean you are a failure. You think "Wow I've failed two or three times at this so I must fail at everything but we all know the truth- it just means those time didn't go as well as we had hoped. Instead of caving, what we need to figure out is how to approach it differently next time.

The point in all of this isn't to give myself a pitty party but deciding on WHO you are really does take time and I've needed about 32 years to really figure out WHO I am and who I WANT to be.

I am a wife
I am a Mom
I am a goal digger
I am a latte addict
I am a lover of good conversations
I am me

One thing I am aiming as a parent is to teach my children that if they know who they are and feel good about themselves, there isn't need to believe the bullies in our lives. We are all going to have them at one point or another. As the saying goes "hate people..hate people" and usually those that bully others are really trying to siphon energy and self-esteem off to other people because they are lacking whatever it is. As often as possible, I'm making sure to tell my five year old " I believe in you and I see the best in you". You truly never know what those words mean and when they are needing to hear it. Never underestimate the value of repetition- it's truly huge with kids, especially at a young age and into their teen years.

Do what you can to teach the important of self-esteem, and help guide them and yourself on loving yourself for you, who you want to become and who you are right today. It takes time for sure and something we need and should work on as often as we can so it suddenly becomes a habit. I've even started to do gratitude every day where I list out 5 things I'm grateful for to start my day off in a good mind set ( especially after body shaming happened )

How will you decide on who YOU are? 
Will there be anything you're going to do to get you in that mindset? 
Share some ideas below because I'd love to hear them! 

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