Feb 20, 2018

Stroller Organization

If there is one thing my kids love to do is run and run fast. Luckily I only have to chase one little toddler down at the moment before she takes off while my son watches helpless from his stroller ( don't worry bud, you'll get to be running soon )!
While my toddler is super good on her feet ( and my infant will be soon enough ) I realize that cars, trucks and other people are also really good on their feet or driving, which can make me so nervous! Not to mention, my daughter tends to have a mind of her own and she can be a lot quicker than her feet and she'll fall down!

Lily never really has been a huge stroller fan in truth. In fact, she'd rather run alongside the stroller if she could. For me, I at least want to make sure that if the three of us are going on a walk or a run, I want to have everything organized and have a place for the never ending items I bring along with me. A few friends joke that I truly bring EVERYTHING with me but let me say, I have to be prepared for anything that may come my way. That's why I'm seriously obsessed with my Stroller Organizer.
I have a place for my phone, diapers, wipes, keys...the list just goes on and on! This is a great way to organize everything that I need and right at my finger tips. This organizer is designed by Merry Milestones for busy parents like myself to make it easy.

It has a detachable wristlet for extra portability. It makes it simple to grab what I need and walk away from my stroller when I'm at the airport, in line or at the park. It also keeps my drinks that I choose to take with me nice and cold because it's easily designed to hold the majority of cups and containers. Lastly, it has several great pockets to keep everything in a safe spot and convenient for me to grab when I need them.

Do you want to win your own organizer for your stroller? Enter here!

For those asking about my outfit deets: Shirt [ similar HERE  ] Pants [ similar HERE ] Vest [ Similar HERE ]
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Feb 19, 2018

Raw Moments: Mama I Need You

This post contains affiliated links. I receive a small compensation for each one. 

Happy Monday friends. I'm linking up with a few of my blogger friends to share some real life, real raw moments with you about Motherhood. Hey let's get real here - motherhood is crazy! It's not all these gorgeous photos of light shining through on our perfect moment smiling with our daughter. In fact, today's topic is how our kids always need us. And what exactly do my children always need it seems?


Not my husband. Not one another. Just me. Always at the same time. It's kind of a running joke between my husband and myself that both our kids tend to always gravitate towards me and not him. But as Mom's aren't we mostly the 'care taker' the 'calmer one' or just that affectionate person.Of course I'm not saying Zach isn't these things but for whatever reason, my kids at all times, just need their Mother.

But on the contrary, what do my kids tend to gravitate towards needing all the time?

1. Their Butts Wiped- This may seem funny but it's true. My four year old tends to do it herself 90% of the time but lately she's been yelling from the hall bathroom "MOM! Come wipe my butt!" It's really awesome when guests are over too. #HelpMe

2. Sleeping Next To Them - My daughter has been in a phase the last few months where she wants my husband, or mostly myself, to lay down with her after her bath has been finished and her books have been read. Some kids love having their backs scratched or a song to help them go to sleep. My daughter just wants someone to lay down with her, which I really do love while she's still little.

3. Help With Projects - Although my oldest is only 4 and only gets a few projects to bring back to school, I know in the future she'll need help with school work. Writing is my love language but math and I have a mutual understanding that we just don't work well together. Thank goodness my husband is good with numbers to help in that subject. I actually can't wait to assist her in what she might need help with .

4. Kissing Boo Boos- The other day Landon took a pretty big tumble as he's learning to pull himself up onto everything and slowly beginning to crawl from room to room. Ahh it's crazy. Because of this, he obviously is prone to pretty big bumps and bruises, one that both my kids seems to be getting all the time. I'm the one that always kisses those bumps and bruises, assuring them that No...we don't need to cut that finger off..today ;) I'm the one that puts those bandaids on ( my daughter always asks for these ) and kisses them to feel better.

We need our Dad's and Mom's for different things. For my daughter, she only needs me when she need an extra push or reassurance. For my son- it's 24/7 ( a true Mom's boy at the moment ). I know I'm going to look back at these moments in a few years when Lily is 15 and Landon is 13..when the time comes for me to drop them off a few blocks away so they aren't seen with me or want me to hold their hand. Right now, I'm enjoying those moments..even if they are a bit traumatic or embarrassing.
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Feb 16, 2018

2018 Favorite Products

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a week that's for sure! I've been all over the place especially because we got back so late on Monday and had a little short week here ;) Oh and hands up for those that have Monday off for President's Day. I have to say, I'm super excited to have this weekend and have the day off too. I have a few fun things planned with my hubby for a day date ( WOO! ) so I can't wait to take you guys along!

Alright but for today, I wanted to share a few things I'm lovin' and that have seriously become my go to things already for the year. I know, you're thinking already your favorites and it's only month two of 2018? Trust me, you have to get them before they sell out and to keep the year on point. You'll thank.

1. Laundry Soap - I've said it a few times but ever since I bought this laundry soap, this has been such a game changer not just for my family but guests that have stay over! I can't tell you how many times everyone has raved about how amazing their sheets smell as well as compliments on if I've been wearing a new perfume. This detergent is THAT good.

2. Curling Wand- You all know I'm not the best at curling my hair but a girlfriend of mine showed me THIS PRODUCT and I can't stop using it! It's taking me a few times but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Plus it comes in pink so you know..you have to get it.

3. Skillet- How have I even survived without A SKILLET in my life?! I use this for everything and not just cooking but also baking delicious chocolate chip cookies when a craving hits ( so like 4 times a week? ) You'll thank me later when you've enjoyed this all the time!

4. Makeup Remover- I have tried several different types of makeup removers but nothing gets all my makeup off with less irritation or stubbornness then THIS one. It's so easy to travel with too and I love that it keeps my skin not only feeling clean but looking it's best.

5. Alexa- I've shared about this before but I can't stop raving about how much Alexa saves me on time, energy and just ..well everything! She answers my questions ( how many tablespoons are in half a ...umm? ) and even remembers music that I would jam out to in high school. She's the best and she's not even a real person ha! You need her to help keep you sane Mom's!

What are your favorite products this year? 
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