Dec 30, 2015

Top 4 Snacks For On The Go Moms

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Thank you to Influenster who sent me these complimentary products for taste test purposes. #ItsYourThing #Influenster #Ad #SlimFast

Somedays I feel like I can do anything and others, I'm running around with one sock on and one sock off. You feel Mom's? As a working Mom, I'm always on the go and running to the next appointment, meeting or errand. In the morning I don't even have time for breakfast because I leave so early and am never starving at 6:45 when I pull out of the driveway.

Cue in my 4 favorite snacks to take with me while I'm running to work, the mall, the grocery store or to pick up my toddler. All these snacks happen to be by SlimFast but I'm telling you, they are not only delicious but really help to curve your appetite and keep you feeling and looking fabulous. 

1. Chocolate Shake. I use to love drinking shakes like this in the morning for school in high-school! The shake literally takes minutes to gulp down because all you do is shake it for a few seconds and a delicious chocolate shake is ready to be devoured! My hour commute doesn't seem bad having this shake next to me! 

2. Sour Cream and Onion 100 calorie Snacks. I actually don't feel guilty eating these 20 crisps in one sitting. I don't have a mess to clean up because I keep licking my fingers of these yummy snacks and the clean up is a breeze. Each chip also has 5g of fiber. 

3. Cinnamon Bun Swirl 100 calorie snacks. Similar to the sour cream and onion chips these are also finger licking good! I'm normally not a huge fan of this flavor but this constantly had me reaching in the bag for more to fill my sweet tooth. I love how easy they are to store in my purse for a quick nibble.

4. Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bar. If I'm craving something a bit more on the chocolate side, this bar does the trick. The combination of dark chocolate and rich sea salt is so delicious I almost wish I had two of these to munch. I love that it's under 200 calories too! 

Each of these snacks are perfect for any parent or a fussy child to enjoy while sitting in the car or needing something to munch on! Tell me what are some of your favorite snacks to eat while on the go! 
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