Jan 27, 2016

29 Things About Me

Top: Nordstrom Rack  Pants: Seven Vest: ShopHopes 
Watch: Michael Kors Bracelet:Tiffany and Co Bag: Calvin Klein (similar)
Photography: jessicawronkerphotography

This is the last year in my 20's and while I should be sad about it, I'm really excited to see what my 30's will bring. For those of you who are new to my blog, I wanted to share 29 things about myself. Here we go!

1. Twizzlers are my favorite candy
2. I work full time and have 2 side jobs
3. I moved to Georgia almost a year ago ( and love it! )
4. I haven't been to the gym in 4 months 
5. I crave chocolate on a daily basis
6. I love things in a tidy, organized fashion
7. My dream job would be a Nascar driver
8. I hate roller coasters
9. My motion sickness is horrible- as in I even feel sick
when swinging on swings with my toddler
10. I love to shop
11. I hate wearing high heels
12. Reading is my cardio 
13. I've been blogging for 5 years but just rebranded 3 weeks ago
14. In 3 days I'm throwing my daughter's 2nd birthday and I'm so sad and excited at the same time
15. My sister and I have conversations in movie quotes 
16. I'm addicted to Starbucks Peppermint Mochas and Chai Tea Lattes
17. I used to do musical theatre and was a part of my high schools Varisty singers
but am super shy to sing in front of people 
18. I've reread the Harry Potter series every year since I was 11 
19. I have a Masters in Library and Information Science aka I'm a librarian 
20. I love meeting new people 
21. I could live on mashed potatoes and Mac and Cheese 
22. I consider my best friends my family 
23. I have horrible anxiety but am learning to deal with it day by day
24. I'm 5'2 and the tallest girl in my family
25. Watches are my favorite accessory 
26. I have 2 tattoos and want a few more 
27. I always need "alone time" for the first 5 minutes of coming home 
28. I love to do laundry 
29. The older I get, the more I value time with good friends and good wine 

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  1. Ah you sing?! That is so awesome. I wish I could sing. And your pictures are perfection. I love them!

    1. i do ha! we need to get a time to get together with our littles! and thank you for the sweet comment xo

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  3. You will crack up....I seriously had you pictured really tall in my mind! I have terrible motion sickness too....it stinks especially when the men in your life love some fishing. Boats, waves...the worst.

  4. My daughter turns 2 in March! Such an exciting yet sad time to see our babies growing up! Twizzlers are definitely the best as well! Great post!

  5. Yes on #27!!! I go hide in the bathroom for awhile... listening to my husband deal with the monkeys for awhile.. :-)

  6. How cute are those pictures?!?!?!?

    Ok. 5'2"???? I never would have guessed! You seem like you are tall. Like model status tall! That's what I've had in my head. Too funny!

  7. Wait I love to do laundry too (and I thought I was the only one!). I also crave chocolate on the daily! If you didn't see my Creamy Chocolate Fudge Protein Shake you should check it out!!! That's how I get my fix in a healthy way :)

  8. I feel you on the birthday front. My oldest will be 3 next week. I'm excited and soooo sad!! Ha! And my mom is a library so of course I have a big place in my heart for librarians! And I love Harry Potter.

  9. love this! 29 was a good year for me! I turned 35 last weekend and I'm posting a 35 things about me post tomorrow. i've been working on it all week but finised last night, 35 was a lot to think about!! LOL

  10. Oh girl, we have SO much in common!!! Super fun post!

  11. I absolutely love that vest! 30 will look fabulous on you!


  12. That
    vest is so cute! Peppermint mochas are my fave too :)

  13. That
    vest is so cute! Peppermint mochas are my fave too :)

  14. I loved learning more about you! I can relate to so many things you wrote! 4, 5 & 6...YEP!

  15. I enjoy doing laundry too! There's something about seeing a nice big pile of clean, folded clothes that makes me feel super productive! And I crave chocolate daily too. And indulge almost always! :)

  16. My twin sister and I always talk in movie quotes!!! Ha I hate doing laundry! Great post idea, may have to steal this when my bday comes around.

  17. Love this post idea! I LOVE the green apple/caramel twizzlers that come out in the Fall season. I feel like I relate to so many things...your name, #'s 10,11, 21 :)

  18. I am with you on the stage fright! I was in show choir for three years but have a terrible time with solos. And I am envious of your not working out for four months and still looking so fabulous! If I tried that, I would be Big Bertha. Oh, 38, you are stupid and so is your decreasing metabolism. :D

  19. What a fun outfit! I love twizzlers too by the way!

  20. I love doing laundry when my closet is organized but as soon as it gets messy I dread laundry because it forces me to deal with the mess!


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