Jan 14, 2016

Come Join The Club!

First of all, thank you so much for your posts on my Instagram page, Facebook page, Twitter and emails/comments right here on my blog. You really know how to make someone who really scared to put it out there into world, feel grateful that I have such amazing and sweet readers out there. Thanks for letting me know that I'm also not alone in the struggle!

On a lighter note, I'm so happy that we're so close to the weekend! Our good friend Wes came into town last night from Iowa. Zach has known Wes since his early college days and I met him when Zach and I first began dating almost 9 years ago! It's been great catching up on old times and we're excited to take him out to Top Golf tonight with a few other friends after work. I'm the worst golfer so this should be interesting. Any tips?

A few of you were curious if I was going to be starting a book club again. When I blogged under Fit Fierce and Fabulous the last  5 years, I would pop up a book club here and there for those that were interested. Life really got in the way of having Lily, moving to Georgia and starting a new job so I hadn't had time to really sit down and read myself. Since January is half way gone, I thought it would be a good idea to start the book club in February. Those that have blogs, feel free to write your own review of the book or post your thoughts in the comments below. The review of the book will be on Tuesday, February 23rd!

But what books will be reading? Well, I thought I'd let you all decide that! I picked up 3 books from Target last week ( only three... although I wanted a lot more! ) and am asking you to vote for the one you'd like starting February 1st. The poll is located on the right hand side of the blog and you can only vote for one. I hope you join the fun!

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  1. I'm definitely joining your book club!! I LOVE reading but don't set aside enough time for it.. and I should, since it makes me so happy. I voted!! They all sound awesome though, I can't wait to hear which one wins!

  2. Yeah!! I love the idea of a book club. I haven't read any of those 3 books so I am excited for whatever is chosen! I might just have to grab the other ones to read on my own!

    1. Awesome!! And we could always include them in other months too :D

  3. Would love to join!! #girlboss is a great book!! Would love any of them!!

  4. This sounds fun. Online book club. Okay I get it now. Great idea.

  5. I'm meeting my book club tomorrow night, and I'm going to suggest The Year of Yes for us this month. Such a great idea!

  6. Would love to join! I love reading all the time!

    <3 Charline


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