Jan 4, 2016

Florida Vacation Recap!

We had an amazing trip! Wednesday after work we traveled to St. Petersburg, Florida to visit with my Aunt and Uncle for New Years. Since moving to Atlanta almost a year ago, it's been so easy to drive down to see them instead of catching a flight from Chicago where we used to live. This time, we brought some our best friends with us to enjoy the sunshine state and it was SUNNY!

I'm still getting used to walking around in shorts and a t-shirt when it's the end of December. Although I'm not complaining, it was really sticky out when we arrived early Thursday morning. We slept in pretty late Thursday morning and met my aunt and uncle for brunch. I loved all the local restaurants and walkable boutiques near where they live. Afterwards, we walked around the downtown area and came back to get ready for New Years! We celebrated with a few champaign toasts and lots of laughter. It was such a fun night.

Friday we wanted to start the year off with relaxing so we decided to spend it at the beach. I don't know about you but sunshine, a few adult beverages, toes in the sand and your best friends is a great way to kick off 2016. We ended up staying 8 hours and came back burnt and happy.

Saturday was another easy day as Kimberely and I went to the Dali Museum. Kimberely is an Art major so she was extremely interested in all of the paintings and works of this incredible painter. I did find it pretty intrigued as well and we were happy to have experienced it together. We spent the rest of the day exploring downtown St. Petersburg, eating at one of our favorite restaurants, Bella Brava, and enjoying the night life before driving the 7 hours back to Atlanta yesterday.

As great as vacations are, I'm happy to be back home with this little girl again. Although work will probably be a struggle since going back after a great vacation is never easy, I am happy to get back into a routine again. Hope you all had a wonderful New Years! Share in the comments what you did!

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