Jan 28, 2016

How A Full Time Working Mom Makes Time For Friends!

It's hard to juggle everything at once. I mean, work, family, repping 2 companies, tackling the blog, working out and of course making time for your friends. Friends are especially important for me since I don't have any family members down here in Georgia to help me when things get tough or I need a little alone time. I've made it a priority to myself this year to really make sure I'm making time for them despite my super busy schedule. Here are a few tips as to how you can accomplish making time for your friends too!

1 Find Common Ground. Everyone's busy, but not always too busy to grab a cup of coffee or even have a simple night eating ice cream out of the carton and sharing a bottle of wine. If your friend loves to hike, plan a morning hike either by yourself or your kids can come along.

2. Call in the Car. For me, I have an hour commute each way to my office so usually on my way home I call a few friends to catch up. It's easy to do it with my friends who are long distance since they may be on their way home as well, plus it makes my drive so much faster.

3. Make it a Priority.  Your friends need to know that they are a priority in your life. If it's a simple text message like 'hey let's catch up' or a funny video you used found while cleaning up old things, tell them!! They want to know they matter in your life so make sure you remind them.

4. Try New Things. One of my goals this year was being present in the moment. I may not like what new obstacle may come my way but I'm going to try it and do it because my friends like too. Being in the moment with them, just as company, is always good too. Although we may not like to be out of our comfort zone, it's the time spent together that's key.

5. Don't Be Hard On Yourself. If I haven't talked to my best friend in 4 months ( and yes it occurs from time to time ) I can't get mad at myself. The best part is, she understand this! Friendship doesn't always have to be a constant calling 24/7 especially when it's that friendship that can go long months without communication. Life is busy. It just means a lot more fun chatter when you do get to chat ( which lasts for 3 hours! ).

6. It Doesn't Have To Be Special. No birthday parties or fun events in the works? Who cares?! Invite some friends you haven't seen in a while over for a pj, netflix and chill night! Or grab your favorite black dress and hit the town with your girlfriends for a night of dancing..in your best friends living room! The point is, it doesn't have to be fancy to be with your best friends, just as long as you're together.

How do you make time for friends? 
Whats you're favorite thing to do with your bff?

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  1. This is so important! I'm not a mom but definitely feel the struggle just as being a working adult. It's especially hard with long distance friends. But I've always said that people make time for things they care about.

  2. Love this!! One of my BFF's lives across the country, so we will go months without talking too, but then pick right back up! She and I always send each other little gifts (thank you Amazon Prime!!) just to say we are thinking of each other. Like a lip gloss, an adult coloring book.. small things.. but they mean so much.

  3. love this! it really is so important. when i lived in Oz, I would call my bestie on the way to work as well, it was the only way we could talk and the time difference worked out. Now I live in the same city, lol, we try and catch up as a group for dinner once or twice a year.. seems ridiculous but when you're busy, you gotta do what you gotta do! one of my best friends is a runner so i meet her every sunday for a run. that way, we get to hang out while doing something we'd be doing anyway. it's not as fun as brunch, but it works when she's super busy.

  4. Love all these helpful ideas :) I'm a working mother and most always make calls to my friends while on my drive home ! Love your blog - I'm a new follower !

  5. Great tips for working moms! I agree about calling in the car. Great way to multitask. :)

  6. I always try to make calls in the car to friends/family because I am in it for so long every afternoon!

  7. It's so important and these are great tips! I always try to make time for lunches and girls nights but sometimes months go by.

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