Jan 11, 2016

Mom Moments Monday!

Oh Monday you sneak up on us again! I really don't know how the week seems to drag on but the weekends always go by in a flash. Anyone else feel the same? Lucky for us, we loved having an entire weekend to get things done around the house, a lot of DIY crafts and decluttering rooms.

Last Friday I shared with you that I was starting an organizational challenge which I'm so happy I did. I tend to get extremely anxious and overwhelmed with getting things done, especially in our new house that we bought. I love things tidy and in their own place but on occasion I tend to throw things in a drawer and forget about it weeks or even months later. This weekend was all about decluttering and organizing our kitchen. It took a long time to make sure things had a spot and a place, plus I wanted to even include our fridge with a baskets. I found them at Aldi and being bundled together, they were about $5 each!

I was in such a great mood getting things in order until I went into Lily's playroom and just sat there astounded. How does someone have this many toys ( and probably getting more when she turns TWO in under 3 weeks! ). I sort of had to sit down and prioritize what she plays with and what she doesn't, plus how to set up the room to be a bit more functional in the future. Then my head started spinning and I decided because I had already organized the kitchen, I'd be good for a few weekends ;).

Lily also ended up having a pretty big meltdown when we went to Target too. The poor girl has seasonal allergies and it's been bad the last week and a half. Her eyes are extremely watery, a red nose and constantly sneezing. Zach and I thought it might be dust so we did a big deep clean in our house and tried to get as much dust out of the rooms as possible. Lets hope it helps!

So there you have it friends, a few Mom Moments this weekend! If you're on Instagram, I'm sharing a post there and would love to hear a few Mom Moments of your own! If you don't, feel free to share in the comments below or link your blog up to a Mom Moment you had this weekend. You never know, some Mom's may be going through the same thing too! It's a great way to stay connected! Can't wait to see you next week!

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  1. The baskets in the refrigerator are such a great idea! I dunno what it is, but our refrigerator seems to have so little space and I think that would really help!

    1. you'll love it! my husband wasn't sure but now he says its the best thing we've done to keep everything in it's place :)

  2. I am definitely going to link up next week for this!! What a great way to share things! You and I have the same exact approach to organization.. I really like things neat and tidy.. but I totally just throw things in a drawer or closet if I can't figure out where to put.. then I end up having to do deep cleans of those drawers and closets! Our kiddos must have birthdays close together too.. my oldest is turning 4 in a few weeks and I told everyone no toys please!! We can't take anymore!

  3. I feel the same way about my son and all of his toys. My husband and I have already discussed possibly instituting a "no toys" rule for his 2nd birthday in May (when we'll also welcome another baby!). And we CERTAINLY don't need any more stuffed animals! He has about 20 and only cares about his little Curious George guy that he sleeps with.

  4. I totally agree, the week drags and then the weekend flies by! Sounds like you had a productive weekend!

  5. Oh Target meltdowns! A couple of months ago my 3 year old had a HUGE meltdown in Target. I mean HUGE! We ended up parking our cart with stuff in it and high tailing it out of there. I felt like a complete jerk for leaving the cart and EVERYONE starred at me as I carried my 3 year old under one arm and my at the time probably 9 month old on the other hip. It was humiliating but something I'm pretty sure every Mom goes through at one point or another.

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  7. Love the baskets in the fridge! We also have baskets in ours and they are awesome! My daughter turned 4 in December so it's her birthday and then Christmas and the amount of toys (that she doesn't need!) we had after Christmas almost sent me over the edge, lol! So much so that we actually did clean out her toys and I sold some on a Facebook Swip Swap group and we decided to get our carpets cleaned with the money we made. Super excited about that!

    Anyway, glad you had a productive weekend.
    :) Danielle

  8. I agree about the days going slow. It weekend flying. It's so not fair!! Great organization!! The baskets is genius!! I'm trying to do our playroom and it's overwhelming!

  9. Cait...glad to find your blog! Thanks for posting a comment on mine last Friday after Friday favorites. Hope you will follow along. I love the fridge organization and hope to make this a year of declutter for me also.

  10. So glad I stopped by! Just the little push I needed to get the ball rolling on organizing and decluttering. We are moving in a few short months and I want to take the least amount of junk as possible, into the new house.

  11. I love how organized the fridge looks! Wow! I'd love to do that but I fear that it wouldn't stay that way for long & not because of my stepdaughter but because of my husband. Ha!

  12. I think I used to read you blog (called something else then) long ago! I am all about being organized and tidy, I think the hardest part of having kids sometimes is that I feel like there is a lot more clutter!


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