Jan 20, 2016

When You Loose A Best Friend

Loosing a best friend is hard. You think you found a soul mate in someone and then they change, or maybe you change and the friendship has shifted into nothing.
Today I drank a Dr. Pepper. I took a long sip and just was hit with a handful of memories of my best friend and me during my youth. Middle school to be exact. We used to always drink Dr. Peppers together. We’d laugh, talk about the boys we liked, the boys we hated, and the girls who wore the prettiest clothes. We made up dances to N’Sync and Backstreet Boys for hours. We had countless sleepovers and would get upset when the other person had to grab their back and ride back to their house around the corner.

Our phone conversations were endless. Our friendship, we always thought, would last forever. In fact we wanted to be different from the other kids who always wrote ‘my bff’ so we made ours extremely long. BFFAATTEAIHFE. Best Friends Forever And Always Til The End And In Heaven For Eternity. The greatest thing, after almost 15 years, I still wrote that out without blinking. We were best friends. We thought we’d always be best friends. And then life got in the way.

We had a big falling out in high school. We went separate ways, separate colleges, separate lives. We ended up getting married to our husbands a month apart from each other in different states in the same year. I never said congratulations but saw your beautiful photo’s on Facebook. You made your fairy tale wedding come true. All pink, as expected, because you could not stop talking about that color when we were 12.  You’re getting ready to welcome your baby boy in a few months and even though we don’t talk, I’m raising a glass in your honor for guidance, wisdom and a healthy, happy life as a Mom. It’s a cold one and obviously it’s a Dr. Pepper. Cheers from Georgia.

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  1. Lovely post. I have a couple of friends like that too.

  2. I love this. I have a friend just like this. We were inseparable in high school, but after high school, we went our separate ways. We didn't have a big falling out…more just drifting apart. But it makes me sad. I too see the posts of Facebook and Instagram, and sometimes I think about taking the leap and saying hi to her. I think you inspired me to do so :)

  3. Love this... I have a friend like that too... we do chat very rarely on FB or like each other's pictures... but I miss the closeness we had. the slumber parties (and oh man were we into 'NSYNC!!!) it's sad when life just takes you in different directions.

  4. It's so lovely!!! I can totally relate. My best friend of high school went her separate way when I moved out to another city. We even stopped talking. It's funny how life changes & so do the people.

    Noor | Noor's Place

  5. Lovely write. My best friend moves away today and I totally get the loss feeling. I have friends from elementary school who I stayed friends with until my wedding and then they just fell off the face of this planet because I got married and had kids. Totally different lives and she didn't want to be a part of mine anymore. REally is sad. Thanks for sharing.


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