Jan 21, 2016

You're Doing Something Right!

Top:ArdenB (old) Pants: Seven Jacket: Signature8 Purse: Hemline  Boots: Lilliana Photography: Jessica Wronker Photography

There are moments where I just want to stay in pajamas all day. I mean, messy hair bun falling off to one side, makeup still on from the prior two days and the Old Navy sweatpants I've been wearing since college. But then, very rarely will I have a day or at least a half hour, where I can put make up, dress as if I were going to meet my best girlfriend and feel glamorous.

When I met up with Jessica I immediately felt as if we were old friends. She was so sweet, so easy to chat with and so fun behind the camera. I felt completely at ease with her shooting not only incredible photographs of myself but baring the freezing cold as it was a high of 39 and freezing wind. It made me feel as if I were back in Chicago you guys! Thankfully, this leather jacket kept me warm as we laughed and crooned over her adorable 8 week old chocolate lab.

As a Mom, everyone tells you that you need to take care of yourself and while we all nod with sleepy silent nod, the majority of us rarely do it, including myself. Having a day like this where you feel pretty not just on the outside but on the inside, that's what keeps you going. You want to look back at these moments and say "Wow, I look and feel great about myself and I want it to show. Not just for me, but to share with my kids!"

Don't beat yourself up for those dirty dishes, your stained shirts or your juggling ability to get dinner on the table, give your kid a bath and watch a movie with your best friend ( or in my case fall asleep 20 minutes in because you're exhausted ). Days like these are rare, and if you can get one, take it! The rest will all fall into place. I promise.
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  1. Love this!! I got some alone time a few weeks ago.. my husband took our boys over to a football-daddy-playdate.. and I almost started bustling around the empty house cleaning and organizing and then thought 'no. I hardly ever get this. Sit down. read a magazine and just enjoy it.' Self care is so important! And seriously... gorgeous photos!!!

  2. Have to love those old sweatpants, though. I have a pair that are probably 15 years old that I still just love!

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Love this post; we all have days like that!!!

  4. Love the pics and how the purple pops!

  5. I am reading this as I am STILL in my sweats at 1:45PM. hahaha! By the way, purple is SO your color...


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