Feb 9, 2016

10 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas!

With Valentine’s Day next Sunday, Zach and I were  chatting about what we wanted to do. Our usual routine over the years has been to go out to eat somewhere but of course that was almost 10 years ago when we were in college and didn’t have a little toddler to think of. Now that we’ve been parents for the last two years, we almost enjoy staying in to do date nights instead of spending a lot of money and attempting to get a reservation with everyone else in Atlanta.

We began to go back and forth with some ideas on what we could do for our date night and decided on these various 10 dates. These date night ideas's don't have to always be centered around a holiday either. In fact, we're excited to try one of these once a week, all in the comfort of our own home!

1. Chocolate Taste Testing. I about feel over when that came up as a suggestion. I’m an avid chocolate lover and can’t wait to experiment with dark, milk or white chocolate! The possibilities are endless my friend!

2. Movie Night. This is actually a typical night as we love to cuddle up with a good movie, blankets and popcorn to wind down our day. There are some good ones I’m really anxious to see.

3. Build Forts in the family room. We want to incorporate Lily into our date night too and what better way to bond the building blanket forts together! It’s a specialty of mine to go all out for these things. The more pillows and sheets, the better!

4. Game Night. I’m the first to admit, I’m not a huge game night person but I’ll enjoy playing Scene It or card games once in a while. It’s a fun way to get out of your comfort zone.

5. Cook A New Meal together. We usually try a new meal a week if possible but cooking together rarely happens. I think the prep from both of us will make the meal taste better.

6. Theme Night. Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, what better way to get a few red candy hearts, red plates and napkins and make it a festive night full of pink and red hearts!

7. Play Would You Rather or 20 Questions- Zach and I have been together for almost 10 years but we’re still getting to know more and more about each other as the years go on. It’s an easy one to play while setting the table or eating dessert together

8. Massages. The funny thing is, Lily my two year old, gives great massages. Sure they might be small pats on the back or a quick rub of your shoulders but it’s the sweetest gesture. Of course, getting a massage from your spouse is a bit better wouldn’t you say?

9. $5 gifts – For nights like this, I never like to get the typical gift but having a small budget to make you think what the other person would want is also fun! I love to get creative with ideas even if it’s a small one.

10. Spa Night. Relaxing is key and after a delicious meal at home, getting pampered with hot towels and a steam bath is a great way to enjoy the night.

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  1. Game night would be such a great stay at home date night! It gives you the opportunity to really talk without the typical distractions of the TV. And you can't go wrong with cooking dinner together!

  2. I love cooking a meal together (minus having to clean the dishes)! The last time we cooked together I think we made steak potatoes and asparagus.

    What are you guys planning to do this weekend?


  3. Date nights at home are a favorite around here especially during these cold months. Chocolate tasting, movie night, massages - perfect!


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