Feb 11, 2016

Five Styles For My Fellow Four Eyes Friends

I was inspired to share about Warby Parker's new spring collection. These opinions are all my own.

I’ve worn glasses since the 3rd grade. Back then I had those extremely round awful looking glasses but let’s skip that awkward stage in my life. Let’s chat about glasses now that make you face looks slim, your eyes bright and your glasses style unique. I tend to purchase frames that fit long oval face, usually a square or round aviators work, which seem to be the best for me and my face shape.

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Warby Parker reached out to me to share about their new spring collection coming this year. I was excited to find some cute glasses both for every day wear and also sunglasses I could put on when I wear my contacts. The best part of this amazing store is that they allow you to try 5 free pairs at home before actually purchasing them.  They seem to have styles from vintage to nerdy. I had to jump at the chance to go a little out of my comfort zone and selected these 5 to try. A lot of them seem to be the same style and color but go with me for a few of them ok? ;)

1. Chilton- This pair is usually a pair I would gravitate towards because I find that a rectangle frame fits me well. I loved the classic silhouette it gives and could see myself wearing this on an everyday basis.

2. Aldous- This classy look was something I've alway wanted to try and I couldn't resist it in the beautiful English oak color. Perfectly paired with an everyday jeans and comfortable t-shirt, I feel so relaxed wearing them for out and about errands.

3. Paley- I was drawn to the fun light blue marble color these sunglasses had to them. These would be perfect for the summer months and lounging at the pool. Plus, they are super comfortable.

4. Vaughan- These glasses were super cute when I laid eyes on them. I love the burnt lemon color and could see myself wearing them when wanting a relaxing evening reading or playing with Lily.

5. Oliver - the red color is what caught my eye first. I wanted a fun pop for an everyday appearance at the office and I loved that these were fun to wear.

The best part is you don't like any of these pairs, you're able to ship them back for free as the company sends you a return label. If you’re looking for fun, affordable and unique frames or sunglasses, Warby Parker is it. A reliable brand, you’ll sure to enjoy each pair your purchase. Thank you for allowing me to review these glasses! 

Do you wear glasses?
What are some of your favorite pairs?

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  1. These are SO cute! I really love them all and don't have a favorite! Thanks for sharing. Nice to "meet" you at the webinar last night!

  2. These are so cute and look great on you! Love your top in the photos too! So fun to "meet" you through the webinar. :)


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