Feb 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm hoping you're enjoying this Friday as much as I am. Currently I got to work a little early so I can sip some hot coffee and write this up before my day begins.  A lot of you had a great time last night chatting on Twitter watching Scandal! I have to say I felt like we were all sitting in my living room together with our glasses of wine, screaming and laughing at all the same parts. Thanks for making me feel connected with you all. If you weren't able to chat, make sure you stop by next week!

So, I've gathered some fun favorites to share with you all today. Some are fun posts that are coming up in the next while others are random ones I found while browsing online. Hope you enjoy it and as always feel free to comment what you're enjoying this week in the comment section. I love reading them and always responding!

1. Clothing Rack. This stunning clothing rack from Urban Outfitters. I mean,I'm pretty sure I'd love to see some of my favorite pieces hanging by a window too. Wouldn't you agree?

2. The Kenra Platinum Revive System This review is coming up soon as some of you saw on my Snapchat but I wanted to just share that so far after receiving these products, I'm super excited to share with you all some great results. I have super thick, wavy hair and these have helped to tame, straighten and make me hair feel extremely soft. Stay tuned!

3. Bloggers. Yes I'm talking to all of you. This week has been a crazy emotional one and without all of you out there supporting, encouraging and sharing with me that I'm doing great and to continue to keep blogging..well thank you. I started this blog just to stay in touch with friends and family back home but so many have reached out to me and I honestly can't say enough about how amazing each one you is. Ya'll are my favorites!

4. The Happiness Project. Those of you that joined the book club in February congrats! We made it through the month and I can't wait to read all your reviews on Monday about what you thought of the book. Those that want to link up, grab the Book Club Button on the side bar, write up your review and then link it up Monday morning. So simple! Also, voting ends tomorrow for our March Book Club so be sure to cast your vote ( I'll be sharing the winner on Monday too! ).

5. Lasting Relationships. My sister sent me this article yesterday about how lasting relationships come in forms of these 2 particular traits. Does your marriage have them? It's a great article for you and your significant other to read.

6. Scandal Sweatshirt.  You guys went crazy for this sweatshirt last night on my Instagram! I knew you would as I'm a huge Scandal fan but man, I'm not sure what it is about this season but I can't get into it. Anyone else?! If you're looking to join my Gladiator gang, you can save 15% when you use code COZYCORNER at Ruffles With Love !

What are you loving this week?
What are your favorite hair products to use?
Are you watching Scandal?

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  1. Oh that clothing rack-insert heart eye emoji!
    I missed this months book club! ...Well I can't wait to join next month's!!
    Happy Friday, Friend! I'm off to Lysol my house...my 11 year old son has the flu:(


  2. I need to read that book!! AND OMG I'm obsessed with that shirt!!


  3. I completely agree. All of these sweet sweet ladies (you included!!) out here make horrible weeks great.

    Have a good weekend :)

  4. I love seeing 'old' couples - especially with smiles & hand holding. Gives hope :)
    That clothing rack! How perfect to plan your outfit for the next day. If I only had room in my house!!!
    I DVR'ed Scandal (watched the mess that is called 'debates') - but cant wait to watch it tonight

  5. LOVE the sweatshirt. Olivia Pope is my idol!

  6. i LOVE the Happiness Project! Such a great book! xx

  7. Love love that sweatshirt!! And I definitely have been wanting to read that book! Happy Friday! Sarah | Belle in the City

  8. As a person who has been in both a failed marriage and a successful one I would definitely say this article has lots of good points!

  9. Love that clothing rack! I just have one of those flimsy ones from Walmart haha

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  10. Maybe it's the angle of the picture but your wine glass looks HUGE in the last picture. If it actually is that big, that's frickin' awesome! :)

  11. That clothing rack is beautiful, but I know me too well and it would be jammed pack full of clothes after a week...of course, they would be color coordinated, but it would definitely be filled to the max! Have a great weekend!!

  12. Great favorites, love that clothing rack and the sweatshirt is perfect!



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