Feb 24, 2016

I Confess...

Well today I'm super excited to be guest hosting with one of my blogging besties Caitlin who asked if I wanted to help and spill my guts to you all! 
So without further ado, here are some confessions this week.
We hope you join along and share some of yours to link up below!
Just grab the button, write your confessions and link up!
You know you want to play along.
- I shared on my Twitter that I have never seen an episode of The Walking Dead. 
I'm waiting for your hate mail.

-  I cut my daughter's bangs and laughed after my attempt. 
You guys- I should not change my day job and if you
want to see the picture it's on Caitlin's blog.

- I ate 2 rows of red velvet oreo's the other night 
and I swear I thought I had eaten just two cookies

- I'm attending a fashion show as part of the media for this blog
on Saturday and I'm super nervous/excited for the event

- I can't stop eating this cream sauce I made this weekend. 
I've decided to put it on everything and anything because it's that good.

- I'm way to excited to share something with you tomorrow night
on my Instagram. My #ScandalFriends might spill their wine glasses.

- Someone asked if Zach and I would do a Q and A about being together
for almost 10 years and I'm wondering if I should give him a 6 pack
of beer before hand if we decided to do it with me. Thoughts?

- I'm loving your votes for our book club novel next month. 
I'm secretly hoping for one book to win.
Vote on the side bar --> 

-Whoever thought of fur nails is crazy
and needs to rethink what is 'trendy'

Tell me some of your confessions!
Should we do a Q and A party?
Who else loves Scandal and wants to live tweet with me
tomorrow night! ( @CaitsCozyCorner ) 

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  1. Those fur nails make me gag!! GROSS! And red velvet oreos?! What do they taste like?!?!?

    Thanks for linking up! xoxo

  2. I saw those nails all over Facebook yesterday, gross!!

    Now I'm wondering why I've never tried Red Velvet oreos before...

  3. Oh my! Those furry nails just terrified me!!! The oreos on the other hand.... get in my belly! And for what it's worth, I've never watched Walking Dead either. Or the Bachelor, or lots of things!!!
    Carylee | More Pieces of Me

  4. I have never watched Walking Dead either...
    Those nail are AWFUL!

  5. I cant even with those nails. How do you wash your hands?
    OK - so no hate mail, but get on The Walking Dead :) I didnt start watching until it was in Season 3 but binged & now addicted :)
    OHHH - Scandal - you have me intrigued.
    & I'm looking at your book club right now.

  6. I have never seen an episode..not one! Seriously could eat #alltheoreos. I saw those nails on your IG this morning..WTH..that is ridiculous! Have a super day!


  7. The fur nails freak me out! I just think of all the germs getting in there, plus do you have to blow dry them ? lol
    I love the red velvet Oreos, but my absolute favorite are the cake batter vanilla kind :)

  8. I just cannot handle those fur nails! However, I totally want to plan an Italian dinner night soon because oh my stars that sauce!

  9. Okay, 1. those nails. No! 2. You've gotta try the cinnamon bun Oreos and try to not eat the entire pack!

    Thanks for stopping by RWS. I'd love to read with ya'll next month. I'm looking for something new to read so sounds perfect :)


  10. I cannot believe you have never seen the Walking dead...its so good! And Daryl :-) So fun about the fashion show! I cannot wait to hear how it goes! Those nails, tho...ugh!!!

  11. Those nails are nasty! Ew! I confess I ate a lot of Lemonades Girl Scout Cookies!


  12. Seriously those nails are a thing?!?!?! And I could eat Samoas like you eat oreos...even though they have gluten I just love them SO MUCH!

  13. Fur nails make me BARF! I just ate two pieces of cake and feel the need to vomit like mad, TMI! Did you have another blog name before??? I swear I had you on my Bloglovin' list as something else. This post made me laugh!!!

  14. Ah, you just reminded me that I bought a package of those Red Velvet Oreos and hid them away. I need to get them out and try them! I was going to make them into Oreo truffles, but maybe I just need to try them on their own!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  15. I've never seen an episode of The Walking Dead either. Not sure why people love it so much?!
    I saw those Oreos in the store today, hesitated briefly, and then wisely chose to leave them right there on the shelf. I knew bringing them home could only lead to bad decisions, lol.

  16. You've never seen The Walking Dead?!?! Whaaaaaaaaaat?! It's amazing! But I won't hate on ya, my husband used to watch it & hasn't for awhile cuz it got pretty slow for a good part of a season.

    Red Velvet Oreos - keep me away cuz I'm sure that I would do the same as you & just eat & eat.

    As for the furry nails - what do gals wanna look like they are mid-werewolf transformation or something?! Horrible, just horrible.

  17. You stop it right now with the fur nails. Dead.

  18. Fur nails seem ridiculous! My dog attacks my fur vests, so I would probably have no fingers left if for some reason I decided to hop on board this trend. You could always tell people that your daughter cut her own bangs ;) She is such a little cutie!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  19. Gah those red velvet oreos look amazing!!! And you are not alone on The Walking Dead-- I have no desire to watch show, ever. Zombies? No thank you!

  20. Red velvet oreos!! I would have zero self control if I had those in my house!
    And fur nails...are those a thing?? GROSS!

  21. Good to know I'm not the only one that hasn't watched Walking Dead! ;) And I can totally do that with Oreos too, which is why I can't have them in my house. I literally just keep eating them and don't even realize it. It's a problem!

  22. Ekkkk!! I've never seen the walking dead either. Have so much fun at the fashion show!

  23. So glad I found your blog, Cait! Love it! And ummm, fur nails - WTF?!?!

    Xox Dana Ivy // www.iadorewhatilove.com

  24. I love confession posts! I haven't ever seen The Walking Dead either...there are just too many good shows to watch out there! I had no clue there were red velvet Oreos...those sound amazing!

  25. Okay...the fur nails are freaking me out!!!
    Have fun at the fashion show! That's so exciting!

  26. Those nails are the creepiest and the ugliest thing I've seen in a while.


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