Feb 25, 2016

I Need To Find My Tribe

When I found out I was pregnant, a few of my friends that had already had children helped coach me and guide me to what I was hoping to prepare for an easy idea into motherhood. Fast forward 2 years later, a big move from the Chicago down to Atlanta and it's a new ball game for me down here.

Gone are the days I have Mom's over because I really don't know anyone down here. I have a few friends that I see on occasion that have kids so we'll do play dates once in a while but to actually have a "Mom Tribe" as I like to call it..well it's non existent.It's hard to find those Mom's. Those Mom's who get the struggle, the sweatpants, the 'never any time' module of being a working Mom, loving wife and career woman. Those Mom's, who have the same parenting techniques as you, who eat cereal for dinner because you're too tired to cook another home cooked meal, or inspire you to get after that DIY craft you wanted to create long before you even had a child.

It's not say I haven't tried to find my little tribe. I've tried the "MeetUp" group before or a Facebook page but the difficult task for me is making time between working and my kiddo. I feel like it's dating and trying to find those Mom's to connect with is daunting and too judgmental. We all need those few woman who just get us both on the inside and outside. Not only us, but our kids as well. If they're having a tantrum, well that's ok because yours did the other day too. Do you want a glass of wine at 3pm because it's just been one of those days, go right ahead!

My Mom tribe would consist of those non-judgemental Mom's who are really just doing the best they can. Aren't we all though? Our kids aren't in some handbook that can share all their secrets on how to have them grow up to be the perfect poster child. We're all learning together. We're all in this together. We're all Mom's together.

And now...I'm off to find my tribe. And this shirt I posted on my Instagram last night is from EmjayShawaii and you can save 20% when you use code CAITSCOZYCORNER on any of her cute teeshirts ( plus, they're super soft which you know I love! ) Also, stay tuned tonight for a live chat on my Twitter to watch Scandal. #ScandalChat !

 Grab that coffee and come join me to find my Mom tribe!!

Do you have one and if so how did you get started? 
What is your favorite/worst thing about being apart of your little tribe? 
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  1. I get you! I haven't moved, but I had kids before most of my friends. They've since caught up but we all drifted apart over the intervening years. I don't know where, or how, to connect up with other local people that "get me" and my mom-ness. Working mom-ness at that (meaning with no time, and could you come to my place cuz I'm too tired to go out!)

  2. Girl, I'll be in your tribe! I too don't have a true Mom tribe. I'm the only one of my friends who has kids and they all live in the city and I'm out in the burbs. I always say finding friends in your 30's is exhausting, LOL!

  3. Oh my God I feel this post 100%. I have an 8 year old and 3 year old and finding moms that I really connect with is a freaking joke. I will so join your tribe...too bad I'm 4 hours from ATL! xoxoxx Amanda

  4. When we moved to Atlanta it was hard enough to find a circle of friends...when we finally did, we got pregnant! Now as a SAHM to an almost 2 year old it is really hard to find girlfriends who understand my new day to day life, and just want to shoot the breeze! So...if you find these gals spread the love...I want in!

  5. Good luck finding your tribe! So hard but so important...in the mean time you will just have to turn to your blogger mom tribe. ;) I have a friend who moved recently and I had to laugh because she posted a picture of about 6 moms all sitting in bleachers at some sporting event...all with their heads stuck in their phone...she was like um...hello...um..i'm new...um....

  6. I'd love to be on your tribe!

  7. I totally get it! I haven't moved, but I feel like most of my girlfriends and I are all in different places even though we all have children! Such as life, I guess, but I truly miss my girls nights. They're far and few between these days because, well, life.

  8. I am with you mama! Our babies and husbands always come first, and work is right behind. Finding those people who understand our limited availability and struggles is TOUGH. Know that if you are ever up in MN, you can give me a call ;-)

  9. I'm in a tribe of my own... women who never had kids. Its a different kind of group all together. Women can be so cruel to those who never had children. But I'm all about supporting all you awesome momma's in the world! Y'all ROCK!

  10. I keep thinking about this post that I read yesterday & wanted to come back and comment on it. We moved to our hometown nearly eight years ago & I just now feel that I have a tribe of women that I could call on that would be there for me. As your daughter gets older & more involved in activities, you'll meet people like you! Also, I have met so many women I love through church. I'm in a women's bible study group, a Bunco group, a supper club & do weekly volunteer work at a pregnancy center all because of people I met at church. I don't know what your beliefs are, but if that's something that interests you I definitely recommend looking for a church home that you feel welcome at. You seem like a sweet lady with so many talents, any tribe would be lucky to have you! If not, move to Texas & be my buddy! :)

  11. Oh, I pray you find your tribe! I couldn't do this whole thing without mine. They're such an encouragement and blessing to me, especially on those tough days...i.e. Potty training.


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