Mar 5, 2016

3 Essential Dry Skin Remedies

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I have always had dry skin. Always. Yes, part of it would be because I barely drink water. I’m honestly just not a water fan but my skin pays for it. It looks dry, cracked and unhealthy. For someone who about to turn 30 this year ( woah! ) I don’t want to look 30, especially if I want some youthful looking skin.  I've tried several different creams, lotions and serums to help my dry skin and I think these 3 essential items are important to giving you the glow you deserve.
1. Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Creme- I received this gentle cleansing cream that not only helps remove my make up, but gets rid of all the dirt and grim from the day. I love how smooth and clean my skin feels after using it. I use this cream the second I get out of the shower to help my pores absorb the cream and love the cooling sensation it gives me face and neck.

2. Drink lots of water – As I confessed above, I’m guilty of not drinking enough water but grabbing a water bottle to have with me at my desk has been my pride and joy the last few days. I make it a goal to finish each bottle in under 2 hours and if I don’t succeed, I actually feel guilty!

3. Use a serum – I love how lightweight and smooth this serum is from Valentia.. Because it’s crafted with rose petals from the Demask rose, it’s regarded for a natural anti-inflammatory and moisturizing property. The oil makes my skin feel calm, cool and nourished. My face seems to be refreshed, relaxed and best of all, revived from all the dryness after a long day. By adding just a few small pumps and lightly rubbing it into my face and neck, I immediately can tell a difference and see a dewy glow start to form.

What are some ways you keep up with moisturizing your skin?

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  1. Ya know it's funny I only have dry skin on my shins and its terrible! I drink a ton of water all day every day and for some reason my shins are still dry. Go figure

  2. I love this post because dry skin is SO bad during the winter and colder months, and then when it gets hot here in Arizona it's MISERABLE when your skin is so dry and sunburnt so I definitely will have to give these a whirl! xx


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