Mar 7, 2016

4 Steps To Strengthen Your Hair

I have been compensated for my review and receiving these items. All opinions are my own.Thank you to KenraPlatnumReviveSystem for sending me these items. 

I have extremely thick hair. It's been a running joke in my family that I really shouldn't have any hair at all considering I was almost bald until I was around two years old and yet I have almost too much. I know what you're thinking, is she really complaining about having too much hair ? For one thing, it takes forever to dry. I mean literally 20-30 minutes. I need to have certain elastics for my hair because I can never find any that hold my hair into a tight ponytail. I've damaged my hair with hours of straightening my crazy waves that I have in certain spots or adding so much product to attempt to get those light beachy curls.

Thanks to Kenra Platinum Revive System, I've been using these 4 products to help enhance and improve the health of my hair. Here are 4 easy steps to strengthen your hair.
1. Revive Shampoo and Conditioner - Since I have extremely thick hair, I loved that I was able to have not only a great smelling shampoo to help repair all the damage I had done to my hair, but also a conditioner. I have to add conditioner to my hair to get all the tangles out and both of these products help to penetrate the cortex and improve the elasticity of my follicles.

2. Revive Oil- My hair is not only thick but also extremely dry, especially during the cold winter months. This oil helps to improve the health of my hair with its moisturizer. Already within a few day use, I could feel that my hair felt softer and smoother.

 3. Revive Complex This lightweight corrective creme hydrates and protects your hair. It also combats dehydration for 95% less breakage after the first use. It also improves the dry brittle ends that we all can get from to time. This has been a go to for the last few days and I love feeling my hair has now that its getting re hydrated.

4. Revive Treatment. Lastly this great masque is specifically formulated to strengthen and repair my hair cuticles from the inside out. It's perfect after I get my hair lightly highlighted to reinforce the follicles and I feel my hair is shiner, stronger and healthier.

All of these products have been amazing to help me keep on track with my growing, healthy hair. I love how with these simple steps I'm taking, it doesn't take too much time out of my already busy day, to know that I'm taking the best possible care I can for my hair.

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  1. I love Kenra products! Plus, they smell great, which is basically a requirement when selecting hair products, right? :-)

  2. I've never heard of this brand! Sounds interesting =0)

  3. These sound great! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  4. I've never heard of this brand! I must check them out.

  5. I'll definitely have to try this product. Such pretty packaging!

    Greta |

  6. This is awesome! I've never heard of this brand, but I am all for strengthening my hair :)


  7. I totally need to use hair masks more often. They're SO good!


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