Mar 23, 2016

A Welcome Basket For Your Guests!

Since moving to the south, everyone down here is so gracious, so kind and so welcoming. Every time I step into a friends house, I’m welcomed with open arms, a hot cup of coffee and feeling as if I were staying a week and not a few hours. Perhaps it's the ‘southern way of life’ that I’m now growing accustom too but I wanted the same feeling I was experiencing to trickle to my guests who came to visit my home.

My in laws are in town this week and what better way to put together a little ‘Welcome Basket” for them to enjoy for their first time visiting Georgia. I absolutely love making personalized baskets for friends and family members and this was the perfect opportunity to put something a little fun and festive into a simple basket for the two people I adore. You can assemble goodies like this as well too!
 I had so much fun selecting various items for our new house guests that I had to remember to slow down. That wallet of mine grows thin pretty quick and luckily Target has some great dollar bins and travel size baskets to utilize! I added items that I knew would be useful such as extra toothpaste, mouthwash and floss. I always tend to forget one of those when I travel so having them for guests was important to me.

Adding some unique items made this basket feel a little more personal. I found these adorable Georgia mints to add, 2 cans of coke since Georgia is the coke capital of the world and yummy snacks in case they were needing a little refueling from their long trip. The water bottles were essential after a long journey as well.

Pretty simple right? Grab a few of these items at your nearest Target or Dollar store and you’re guests will appreciate the effort you put into making their stay more enjoyable. We can’t wait to have more people visit!

What are some essentials for your guests to use? 

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  1. I always see these ideas floating around. My next house goal is to get the guest room all set up and I love seeing cute ideas like this :)

    xo Jess

  2. I really like the idea of having a welcome basket for guests! We haven't had overnight guests in our new home (just moved in December) but I'm saving this to use when we do! We're planning on some out of state family members coming to stay with us some over the summer. I'm pretty excited as I've never 'hosted' anyone in my home for 'vacation' before!

  3. So thoughtful. I dont ever think of these things. I need to be more aware of being a gracious host.

  4. Love this idea - the first time we had guests when we lived in Maryland I made them a welcome basket! I was thinking of putting together something cute for my inlaws this weekend for Easter.

  5. I love welcome baskets!!! I always make sure to put a set of fresh towels, a new bar of soap and our WiFi password on the foot of the bed.


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