Mar 22, 2016

Coffee Table Essentials

Recently I was contacted by Chairish, an online marketplace that buys and sells vintage decor and furniture, and asked to partake in a Coffee Table Essentials challenge using one of their coffee tables and share my essentials of what makes a great coffee table.

If you asked my toddler what a perfect coffee table would be for her, it'd have her smudge marks everywhere and bits of crumbs from eating over it. My husband would want a big wood table where he could put his beer and snacks on. Personally, I'm more of a vintage country type girl and decided to go with this gorgeous table from the options I was allowed to choose one.

This French Country coffee table just spoke to me when I clicked the picture. I loved how effortless it looked and was really excited to find some fun pieces to make it pop, as I'd want it to be the main focal point in my family room...I mean, pretend family room!

I styled around the table thinking of how cozy I'd want it to look. For me, family room's essentials are cozy, comfortable and chic. Here are some of the essentials I would add.

1. Tray - This pop of gold tray gives the table a bit more elegance to it. I love the detail of the tray as well and thought it would fit perfectly atop this coffee table.
2. Books- Of course I can't style anything without a couple of my favorite books to pick up and read. Adding some fun to the mixture like decorating pieces are good for guests who are also interested in making their family room cozy
3. Candle- Zach and I love candles and adding this to our cozy little area just made it romantic.
4. Plush Rug- Of course there are great things to add on top of the coffee table but let's not forget the bottom! I love a good plush rug for my feet to sink it to and this one would do the trick.

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  1. A candle and tray are essentials on my coffee table too! :)

  2. I love coffee trays and candles on my coffee table. I can't do magazines because of my kiddos so I keep them in my bathroom. lol

  3. Books (or magazines) and a tray are a must for me when it comes to my coffee table!

  4. This is exactly how I would have styled it!

  5. Someday I'll have beautiful coffee table decor! Ours right now are race cars, stickers and crumbs. It's lovely.

  6. I love trays! I made my own for my home-- actually a few of them. They're great!

  7. How cute is that tray?! And I love anything vanilla scented... that candle is right up my alley.

  8. That table is exactly what I would pick, and your husband's taste are exactly what my husband would pick. He would rather have functionality over style.

  9. I need that candle in my life! I'm going to go out and buy it this weekend! xoxo, Holly


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