Mar 25, 2016

Friday Favorites #19

This week has been flying with so much excitement and great weather that it's hard not to just soak it all in! My in-laws flew in Wednesday afternoon and it's been so great having them here to visit Atlanta for the first time. Lily is eating up all the extra attention from her grandparents, sharing her tea cups and playing tea party, painting bird houses to put outside in our backyard and helping us dye Easter eggs for Sunday.

As always, Friday is also a fun time to share some things I'm enjoying with you all. Feel free to comment what you're loving this week too! I always love hearing and finding new things to enjoy.

1. Audio Books. It's not secret that I love reading but having an hour commute to work one way can make it tricky. Thank goodness for audio books to help me get some extra reading and making the commute a bit more enjoyable. I'm on the 6th Harry Potter novel ( and yes always crying while listening to it ) and even though it's the millionth time I've re-read ( or rather re-listened) to the book, I still get emotional. #Potterhead
2. UOIOnline. I just adore this boutique and all the fun Spring items they are getting in their store. Lucky for me, they have their products online as well so I've been snatching up items left and right. How adorable is this bracelet and these Kate Spade tumblers to add to your spring collection! Make sure to use code CAITLINMAR for 10% off !

3. Chocolate. I had a horrible day on Wednesday. From cutting my finger open, spilling coffee on my shirt and constant mistakes at work I needed to go back to bed and start the day over. Thank goodness for chocolate to take away the pain for a few seconds. You can bite into happiness too by entering my $25 gift card to Godiva! Where are my chocoholics at?!

4. Easter. I'm looking forward to hosting our first Easter with Zach's parents and our friends this year. It's been so wonderful having them here and were lucky we get a few more extra days to enjoy the spring weather, lots of yummy food and all the comforts of home. Plus I can't wait to see Lily's face when we give her the Easter Basket I put together last week!
5. April Book Club. Don't forget to vote on our April Book Club on my side bar. Voting will end next Thursday the 31st. You also can join our link up for our review of our March Book Club, Party Girl! I can't wait to see what you all think!

What are some things you're loving this week? 
Wishing you all a happy and safe Easter!
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  1. I'm a chocololic! Going to enter that giveaway now :) Also, thanks for the introduction to UOIO! I'll be checking that out, too :)

  2. Ive never listened to an audio book before. And I've only read the 1st Harry Potter book. I need to remedy that.

  3. Drooling over that chocolate. Why didn't I eat chocolate for breakfast today?!

  4. That chocolate looks amazing!! I love Audible, my commute is an hour each way too and that's the best way for me to get reading done! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. Enjoy those southern temps for your first Easter down south! And love Those Kate Spade tumblers!

  6. That chocolate sounds amazing right about now! :)

  7. HP is such a great audiobook. I listened to those when I commuted to work as well!


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