Mar 9, 2016

How Zoodles Can Help You And Your Toddler's Vegetable Intake!

Now that I have a two year old on my hands, a switch has gone off in Lily’s brain and she no longer wants anything to do with veggies. Like most toddlers her age, she’s become a super picky eater. Pasta anything is on her mind, cheese and any fruit imaginable are always a g to for her. I needed to find a way to keep her getting at least a few vegetables without loosing my mind or the crazy messes she makes when she throws her food on the ground.

A few years ago Zach and I had a gift card to Williams Sonoma. We weren’t sure what to purchase with the gift card until I saw the Sprilalizer. It was perfect. This handy dandy piece of art spiralizes vegetables to resemble pasta noodles and it was life changing not only for us but my toddler as well. The other night I decided to break it out again for dinner and while I worked, Lily watched how I made our noodles ( or zoodles we call them )

1. Take one zucchini and cut off a top
2. Your spiralizer has little grips on one end and a small hole so its easy
        to place your vegetable on it

3. Turn the handle and watch your zoodles come out the other end
4. Make sure you have a bowl to catch all the noodles

See how easy it is? Lily loved watching me make the zoodles! I always cut my with kitchen scissors before serving just so the noodles aren’t too long. Of course we can’t have these zoodles without my magic cream sauce I made the other week! This meal is simple can be ready to go while you’re cooking the sauce! Plus the cleanup is a breeze and best of all, its toddler approved!

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  1. Brilliant idea, I can't get my little guy to eat vegetables for anything so I may have to give this a try!!

  2. Will this help me eat my veggies also!? haha

  3. Now this is awesome!!!!!!! I need that spiralizer ASAP!! Have a great weekend, friend xo


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