Mar 17, 2016

The Bird And Bee Chalk Paint Workshop

This past Tuesday night I was asked to visit a quaint little shop called The Bird And The Bee to partake in a blogger paint chalk workshop. I'm sure you're all starting to laugh right now because if you knew me in real life, anything art related and me just do not mix at all. I was really excited to have been asked to come check it out and try something new and out of my comfort zone. I also love supporting local shops so I couldn't wait to see what this cute store was all about.
Since I had to come right from work, I was happy to enjoy some snacks and a few adult beverages! I chatted with a few of the other bloggers ( hey girls! ) before we started our workshop. It was fun going around and sharing how we all got started. Some ladies had been blogging for years like myself while others were just getting started. Betsy, the sweetest woman and owner of the shop, had us all sit down and chat about the various chalk paints, how to use the paints for various projects and all the colors that Anne Sloan creates.

We worked on various wood pieces, learning how to paint our boards, waxing them with dark and white waxes and then blending them together to give a finished product. We were encouraged to think outside of our normal color choices so I choice a light purple paint. It was really interesting how each of us painted ( I'm clearly a heavy painter! ) so our products turned out differently.

 I loved added that dark wax to it to give it a more antique feel. You can see the difference between a white wax and a dark wax! The paint strip in the middle was our original paint that we had used!

I also enjoy painting this gorgeous picture frame. I used a light yellow chalk paint and added some gold to make it a bit more vintage. I love how we were free to really get in touch with our creative side when working on these pieces. I also loved being able to take home my projects when finished.

I was gifted a gorgeous book ( my inner nerd was loving it ! ) , my decorative picture frame and pieces that I had made. If you're ever looking for a Chalk 101 workshop, I highly recommend this one in the Atlanta area!!

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  1. I love that frame!! It looks like the cool gold frame Monica and Rachel had around their apartment door's peephole on Friends. I've always wanted an ornate gold frame like that!

  2. This looks like a really fun event. I love the frame you chose and that you got macarons to go with it!!!

  3. So much fun meeting you and now you've got soooo many skillz. Haha!

  4. That's so cool-- to connect with other bloggers, support a local business and do something fun!!

  5. Hey Cait, I'd love to find out about these types of events - I live in Gainesville, GA and would love to join in! Would you mind emailing me the deets?

    Thanks so much,
    Rebecca Sapough

  6. I'm so jealous! I really need to learn about chalk paint. I think it can be so practical and I am trying to figure out a way/where to use it in my kitchen! Thanks for sharing :)


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