Mar 30, 2016

What I've Learned Moving FOUR Times In TWO Years

It has been exactly one year since Lily and I have moved to Atlanta. One year since we finally sold our first home in Chicago, packed up our belongings and flew down south to start a new chapter. In fact, we’re hoping it’s the last time we moved because in the two years since Lily has been born, the poor girl has moved 4 times. Isn’t that crazy?! Of course, Zach and I have learned a lot about ourselves, our relationship and raising a toddler from the Midwest to the south. Here are a few tips on what I learned in the last two years.

1. Make a checklist. I love lists and having one reduces my anxiety. I used resources on the internet that had printable lists ready to go that I just customized to our needs and what we had. The list kept me on track and on top of everything we had.

2. Be patient. If there is one thing I struggle with at times, its this. I need to get things done and I need them to be finished right then. Packing up a 5 bedroom house was exhausting. Moving is exhausting. From opening boxes to packing items it can take it’s toll. It takes time but it’ll get there. Have your friends over to help you pack. Take a break when you’re too stressed out.  You’ll make it work.

3. Utilize Your Friends and Family. For our third move from our apartment to a new house in Atlanta, we didn’t have any family to help us move. We were so fortunate enough to have friends that offered to help pack boxes, move them down flights of stairs and into a huge truck and then help us unpack everything! Your friends and family are there to help so don’t feel the need to take everything on yourself!

4. Plan ahead of time. Call moving companies weeks/months before you know you’re about to move to get a quote. If you need to find doctors, dentists or anything medical, research as much as possible to get those things out of the way so you can focus on getting your house put in order. Cancel subscriptions, prescriptions and make sure you check with changing your address for the post.

5. Label everything. And I mean everything. Use those extra storage bags for small items like nails, hair ties or anything else you can think of to help hold them. Its easier to unpack too! Always label your boxes by room so you can take a quick glance at it when you’re looking for items like “Master Bedroom” “Kids Room” “Office” and then you can sort through them later.

There are days that it's not easy. There are days that I want to pack up and leave. There are also days where I couldn't imagine life without the friends we've made down. Lily wouldn't be the same. Zach wouldn't be the same. I wouldn't be the same. Life takes you down roads you never thought you'd cross and even though moves are scary, they can be much more than you ever thought possible.

Have you made a big move recently?
What are your tips and tricks to a successful move?

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  1. We are moving just a few miles from our old house, but we packed up in the fall to move into my in-laws, and will do our BIG move in a few months..I cannot imagine moving four times, you are right it is totally exhausting! But your advice and tips are great, I am going to have to keep some of them in mind!

  2. I also recently moved to Georgia. It was my first time moving out of state. Patience was the biggest thing I struggled with. After moving in to our new house, I wanted everything to look perfect right away. But, that clearly wasn't realistic. It's tough work and takes time, but we got through it! (Except now we are looking at purchasing a house - here we go again, lol) :)

    Rebecca ||

  3. These are great tips! I'm making a big move to Houston later this summer so these will come in handy! Being on top of things and keeping a list is key!


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