Mar 21, 2016

What Should We Read Next: April Book Club

Phew we finally are back to Monday again! It was a bit of a long weekend with a teething toddler on my hands. Lily must be getting her 2 year old molars at a perfect time when Zach was out of town for a Bachelor party. I had quiet the handful with her screaming and crying while shopping at the grocery store. Lots of cleaning, organizing and preparing for our first guest to stay with us tomorrow and my in-laws the day after that. I'm excited for this week to fly by but first I wanted to chat with you about our next book idea!

For April's book club, I wanted to think of something exciting for us while we get ready for the spring season. Inspiration seems to be a good theme right now and so these 3 books were ones that you recommended! Please vote for your favorite book for us to read in April and the winner will be announced April 1st.
An Uncomplicated Life: A father's love letter about his beloved daughter with Down Syndrome and the struggles and triumphs that it creates not just for them but those around them. He shares his humor and all he learns from Jillian. 

It Was Me All Long- A food blogger, Andie struggled with body image issues and food addiction. This memoir shares her emotional journey of losing weight and finding self-love during the process. 

Trail of Broken Wings- Sonya, an Indian- American photographer returns to the family she left behind after learning about her father falling into a coma. Secrets of her horrid past float to the surface and Sonya, along with her sister and mother, most come to terms with their own demons. This book shares the power of speaking and owning the truth. 

Thanks for voting friends! And I can't wait for you to link up to our March Book club next Wednesday!

What are some books you're loving right now?
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  1. Happy Monday! I vote "It was me all along"

  2. I can only imagine It Was Me All Along might evoke lots of memories and emotions for me. I've got to remember to read your book of the month this time!!!

    Hope you have a super week!

    Shelly at The Queen in Between


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