Apr 18, 2016

A Weekend in Port St Joe, Florida

This past weekend was one I've been gearing up for an entire year. Last year when I officially moved down with Lily to Atlanta, Zach was insistent on me being introduced to Kimberley, a co-worker of Zach's new fiance. Of course, we hit it off within minutes of chatting, having extremely similar tastes in fashion, food, fitness and general personalities. We worked out together, laughed together, had a little too much fun one night at a well known bar called Prohibition and created countless memories.
The nice thing about this cute little town was that it didn't have a lot of service. I was really able to dive into helping Kimberly and Michael get everything ready for their big day. The bad news was that due to where we were located, we were on the boarder of central time and eastern time within certain feet of where the location was. One minute it would be 8:30am and the next 9:30am so we had to really make sure we were all on the same time zone! It was a bit confusing.
Michael and Kimberly, our true and dearest friends, got married on a gorgeous beach walk overlooking the ocean this past Saturday. It was an honor to see Zach standing up along side one of his dearest friends as a groomsman and I was also asked to help coordinate part of her wedding. She was stunning, he was glowing and everything came together as she walked down the boardwalk at sunset. I mean, tears couldn't even contain my emotion and energy that was running through the crowd as we watched these two become one family. It was so beautiful and breath taking.
They did almost everything themselves including setting up their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception hall and thanks to the majority of the wedding party and family members, we were able to get everything done. Kimberly even made her own wedding cake which not only looked incredible but tasted even better! 
As coordinator, I was in charge of making sure everything ran smoothly. From the guests being seated, to gathering the bridesmaids, making sure the groom has his wedding vows ready to go, the music was playing for the ceremony, catering was set up and the band was going to be playing the correct music when the bridal party walked in..it was a lot. As you can see, that binder and me were best friends all day and night while I double and triple checked that we were all on time and everything was in place. Maybe I'll go into event planning down the road ;)

Of course we stayed up too late, drank a little too much and had an early start Sunday to drive 5 1/2 hours back to Atlanta. We were excited to pick up this little rascal who had a great weekend with her friends! Weekends are great to get away and have some alone time with your best friends. However, I always love coming home to my little toddler Lily. Zach and I were so exhausted after the weekend, we ordered a pizza and fell asleep around 8:30pm! 

The challenge I'm sharing on my Instagram ( #FindYourCozyChallenge ) is talking about what makes you happy. My husband, my best friend, my other best friend. This couple makes me feel so grateful to have them help us survive our move here to Atlanta where we didn't know anyone, to help us find a forever home, to teach us the southern' ways and share their knowledge and growth in what it takes to be a strong and loving couple. I can't wait to see what makes you happy! Don't forget to use the hashtag to meet new friends and connections!

Tell me, what makes you happy?

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  1. What a fun weekend! Living in Minnesota I have never been to one, but I imagine nothing will beat a beach wedding!

  2. Looks like the event went really well! Great job coordinating everything! :)

  3. What a fun weekend girl!! I would be so confused with the changing time zones, but it looks like a beautiful wedding and glad everything went off without a hitch. I love coordinating events too and has me dreaming of going into that in the future!

  4. What a fun weekend!!!!!! Looks like everything went well!! Great job:-) have a great Monday!!! Xo

  5. Oh my gosh! I almost forgot about your Instagram challenge. I will get on that!

    As for the weekend, sounds great...except for those crazy time zones. Ha, ha!

  6. Looks like the event was a lot of fun! I'm sure having a planner was awesome. Thats one of the things I'd wished I had.

  7. I always love seeing weddings where the couples do most of the decorations themselves. There is something way more intimate about it. It looks like a gorgeous wedding!
    Carly from Dresses & Denim


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