Apr 8, 2016

Friday Favorites!

On Wednesday night my Dad flew into Atlanta and we are so excited that he's here to spend a few days with us! Already he's been such a great help with getting some up lighting for our home and putting some finishing touches to projects we've been working on. Lily always loves spending time with her Pa so she's getting extra giggles and cuddle time.

As always, it's Friday (WOO!) and I'm wanting to share some Friday Favorites with you all. I love your comments so feel free to share what you're loving this week below!

1. Origins. I shared yesterday my new love affair with this facial mask from Origins. I was able to get a free sample from them to try before officially purchasing and using this once a week has made my dry skin feel smoother than ever before. I highly recommend it.

2. Crochet Dresses. With Spring in full season here in Atlanta, I've been so excited to add some cute spring dresses to my wardrobe. I have a wedding to attend next weekend in Florida and was looking for something cute but formal. This crochet dress caught my eye and best part is, you can save 10% using code CAITLINAPRIL on this dress or anything else in the store! I think this peach color is perfect!

3. Instagram. Somehow my Instagram has been blowing up with fabulous followers like yourselves and thanks to all you're sweet and sincere comments you've been leaving me. You really know how to make this amateur photographer feel like she's getting something right by liking and sharing my photos. Stay tuned for a fun #instagramchallenge coming soon and a giveaway next week going on that account!

4. Serial Black Face- Zach and I were invited to see the opening of Serial Black Face last night. The story line is based on a true event of child murders that went on in Atlanta back in 1979 and tells the tale of a single woman whose coping with the disappearance of her young son. The promise of new love from a handsome stranger, Vivian learns that nothing is ever really as it seems. It was a raw and emotional story and we both left discussing it eagerly in the car ride home. Grab your tickets here before the 21st of April. Oh, and of course date night has to include some cute heels!
Friday favorites... can we be poolside please?! XO
5. Poolside. Sadly, we're expecting rain for the upcoming weekend and into next week. But that doesn't stop me from daydreaming about a weekend getaway starting one week from today in Florida! Pool side all day!
Sweet words hand lettered by POPPYjack Shop
6. Quote. This is much needed after a hectic few weeks with visitors, work and just my social life. I can't complain about being super busy because I love hosting events, getting together with friends and being productive. However, I know that I need to even put in some relaxing time in my agenda and this quote really put it into perspective. Do you agree?
7. Pineapple Lamp. I don't know where my fun obsession with cute pineapple's started but I found this lamp and may need to just pull the trigger and get it. Isn't it just adorable ( and it's on sale right now! )

What are some things you're loving this week?
What's your favorite way to relax?
Whose going to join the #instagramchallenge I have coming next week!

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  1. OMG that dress!!!! so cute!! Have a great weekend :)


  2. oh my goodness, I love that pineapple lamp! I'm with you, I want to be poolside instead of the 35 degree weather NC's supposed to have this weekend! I'm headed to follow you on insta right now :)

  3. That pineapple lamp!!! So beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my gosh... that pineapple lamp! So cute!!

  5. Caitlin I am ready for poolside almost. It's up and down in the 60s and 80s here in Texas but soon. Love that cute dress.

  6. Um, yes you do need that pineapple lamp! Need being the key word.

  7. Hello! Stopping by from the Friday link up! Love your blog, looking forward to following along :)

  8. OMG that lamp! I love it so much! Great find!


  9. I wish that dress would look good on this pregnant butt! Where are you going in FL?! We just booked a trip in June. Happy Friday!

  10. That's such a pretty crochet dress! I love the girly look of those types of dresses. Have a great weekend!

  11. Ahh that pineapple lamp is so cute! I loooove crochet dresses too - they are going to be ideal for summer!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  12. That lamp is so cute!! I used the overnight mask yesterday and loved how my skin felt today waking up. Woohoo for FL, hope you have a great weekend girl!

  13. That lamp looks great!!! Linking up :)

  14. Well simply put - all of this is fabulous! I love Origins! xo Amanda

  15. What a great lamp! I'm loving all things pineapple too at the moment!

  16. That lamp! WEEEE I want that! It's adorable. And I definitely need to add that face mask to my shopping list. I feel like recently my face has been craving as much moisture as I can throw at it. Hope you've had a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  17. That pineapple lamp is super cute! And I'm not even really on the "pineapple bandwagon" that seems to have overtaken fashion in the last few years, haha! So that's really saying something! And I've been seeing that Origins mask everywhereee... maybe I really do need to try it now! :)

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