Apr 21, 2016

LINK Your Mom Up With The Perfect Gift

Mothers deserve the world. They really do. They cloth, feed and change us when we’re babies. They learn to manage with deep breaths and maybe a few glasses of wine when we become teenagers. They help us when we bring our own children into the world. They love us conditionally and in return, we’re linked eternally to them.

Speaking of being linked with, in my opinion, on of the greatest mothers in the world ( hey Mom! ), I am so excited to share a special and near to my heart store called just that; Linked. The meaning behind is exactly what you’re thinking- that each piece of jewelry is a statement and links a special piece from our heart. It’s a personal sentiment, celebration and meaning. When Debra Feldman lost her husband, she was left with two children and it taught her that relationships are sacred. She joined with her friend Sharon Reisner to create elegant jewelry that set them apart from other jewelry. Sharon, who I actually know personally as “Aunt Sharon” because she happens to be one of my mother’s best friends from childhood, has seen me when I was born, watched me grow up and bring my own daughter in the world. A mother herself of two boys, I’ve admired her strength, class and dignity from seeing her from time to time when we’d visit my family back on the East Coast.

When we began chatting about her incredible jewelry line and she offered to share some the pieces with me. . I was drawn towards a necklace called "Navigate your life" which to me, was the path I had taken from high-school, college, grad school and everything in between. Navigating it to the better version of myself, the path I wanted to take and still am wanting to explore seemed to really fulfill who I was and felt inside.

I was also sent this "Heart in your heart" charm to switch out. I love the delicate hearts and how one is around the smaller. It made me think of my arms around my sweet toddler, Lily, and how I always want to protect her from harm ( if possible of course ). It's a mother's instinct to protect and care for their children and I'm pretty sure my Momma Bear comes out fierce if I think I need to step in. It also reminds me of the special bond my own Mother and I have. We're extremely close and I like to have this charm close to me to think of her.

Last, I was sent this adorable blue suitcase bracelet. It was everything I've loved in one. Traveling, as many of you may know, is a true passion of mine and one that trickles down from my Mom's father. He always shared his love of seeing the world, creating memories and by doing so, making you a more rounded individual. He saved each one of his paychecks, roughly 10%, to see the world and almost succeeded in visiting all 7 continents. The gorgeous Tiffany blue color reminds me of my love for fashion and the class that Tiffany's is. The two together, well, you know I'll be wearing almost every day.

All of these gems would make the perfect Mother's Day gift for your own Mother, your best friend or a woman who you admire. If you're wanting to give her that statement she deserves, there are several gorgeous gems in here that she'll adore. From bracelet's to sterling silver necklaces, you have options that will tell her how much you care for her. Share how you're linked together by giving her a gift she'll cherish forever.

These items were sent for review. All opinions are my own.
Thank you so much Sharon and Linked. 

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