Apr 7, 2016

#MakeYourself Beautiful Inside and Out

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Lately I've been trying out different beauty products for my hair and face wanted to share some with you! Some are ones I've been asked to review while others I bought myself. Here's 4 beauty products I think you'll be excited to try and help #MakeYourself feel beautiful inside and out!

1. MAKE Beauty products - I received these 2 samples thanks to MakeBeauty and was able to try this gorgeous silk cream lipstick in the shade taffy plus a matte finish eye shadow in alabaster. Both these shades together were a perfect pair for a night out with my husband or a simple girl's day lunch. The taffy lipstick is a saturated color that does double duty as a moisturizer and has antioxidant vitamins! The eye shadow was stunning with this velvety matte powder to help it apply smoothly and continue to keep me looking fresh and wide hours after I applied it. The best part is, I can apply it wet or dry depending on the finished product I want.

2. Origin Drink Up Mask - One of my best friends kept raving about this store and after sampling some products I fell in love with one of them. For me, I have extremely dry skin and am always looking for new hydrating products. One of the sales woman shared their Drink Up Intensive Hydrating Mask that you lightly put on a night ( it goes on clear ) to help quench your skins thirst. It's extremely light weight and only needed once or twice a week. I woke up to the smoothest skin, plus the smell is crisp and clean.

3. L'Oreal Ever Cleansing Balm -  Not only is my face dry but my hair can become dry too. This conditioner helps to transform my hair into a gentle cleanser. It's a low-lather condition to help clean,condition, treat, detangle soften and shine in just a few uses. All these things are what I need for my thick, wavy hair and I've noticed such a difference in the quality and feel after just three uses. You can find it here and try it yourself!

4. Valentia Clear Lift Serum - This product is nothing sort of amazing for my skin. It helps to minimized fine lines, moisturize, and renew the texture of my skin. It's a lightweight serum and smells like sweet oranges. I really can't get enough of the smell and consistency of my skin. I've already noticed a difference on how smooth it is over the last few days of using this product. Are you interested too? You can purchase it here !

How do you make yourself feel beautiful inside and out?

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  1. I'm really loving that blush...such a nice color! xx


  2. That alabaster color in that eye shadow is so perfect for a versatile look. Also I have a 4 pack of the Origins masks that I am slacking on using so I need to use that all nighter mask asap!! I love waking up to smooth and soft skin!


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