May 2, 2016

3 Reasons Why Urban Tree Cidery Is The Place To Be This Summer!

Last week I shared a brief description of a great little area called Urban Tree Cidery. Located in Midtown, this is the first of it's kind in the Atlanta area. I was invited to come to a tasting and try the local ciders. Sign me up! With summer close around the corner here in Georgia, if you're needing a place to hang out, here are three reasons why you should be and want to be at this location.
Urban Tree Cidery - Atlanta, GA, Estados Unidos. Flight
1. They have more than just cider. For those of you who are not into cider ( I'm a huge fan ) or just unsure, they offer a flights where you can sample 5 of their ciders that range from dry, sweet and even a funky jalapeno flavors. I was shocked how much I enjoyed the sweet kick of the last sipper. But the best part is, they have fun cocktails, sodas, and craft beers so even if you meet your best friends, your husband or your pregnant bff, they have something for everyone!

2. It's A Georgia Staple. Everything that is put into your cidar and other cocktails is made right here in Georgia. The owners have a their own orchard up in Northern Georgia where they grow all their apples. That means that the actual "juice" you're sipping comes right from your home state! The company believes in supporting their community and harvesting their own apples right from our Georgia soil.

3. It Runs In The Family. The owner, Tim, used to be a Dentist and decided that him and his wife, Maria, wanted to start their own company. The Resulta family also includes Jackie whose Maria's sister. What's better than helping out a family business!

I can't help but cheers to this great place and I'll be back bringing my friends around this summer! You'll want to be there with your friends too! So what are you waiting for! Come on down ya'll!

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  1. I had no idea this was in Atlanta---how cool! I'll have to check it out sometime I'm in town because I LOVE ciders!


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