May 25, 2016

4 Ways You're Hurting Your Blog

With so many posts of how to be successful, how to create an e-mail list, or why it's important to share personal posts, there are also ways that you may be hurting your chances of your blog growing to its fullest potential, to gain those true followers that love your work and photographs and to make sure you are feeling confident about your brand. In fact, I never realized that there are actually several ways to hurt your blog and for me, I think these 4 things are what you should keep in mind when starting or keeping up with your own blog.

1. No photos. For me, I love your blog because you have fun, interesting photos on there. They are not small, they are BIG. They keep me guessing what else is going on. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be professional photographer but keep the photos as bright and inviting as you can. They tell their own story.

2. Read More button. I can't stand this feature. If I'm coming to your blog, I want the entire webpage there so I can read because I'm interested in your topic. If I need to hit another button to continue, well I may not do that.

3. Messy Design. I love a clean cut, easy to follow blog. I know where to go to find information. If some of your drop down's don't work or your side bar is messy, I feel to overwhelmed to continue. Keep it short, keep it simple and keep it you. Don't go crazy with a design. Less is more.

4. Not promoting. I've chatted before about how you need to promote your blog and better yet, have your friends help promote it too. Keeping up with various social media platforms can be tricky, so using HootSuit has really helped me stay on top of my blog posts and scheduling my posts. Tell your family, friends and co-workers about it, on e-mail or over the phone. They'll probably find something fascinating to talk about with you later after they've read your amazing posts.

What keeps you coming back to someone's blog?
Is there anything you don't like?

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  1. I think the read more button is all a matter of opinion. I like it because then I can scroll through beginnings of posts and find one I like instead of having to scroll through the whole long post. I think for me, bad grammar is a huge turn off on some blogs.


  2. I'm not the best photographer but I do try to use bright, beautiful photos -- and photos definitely keep me coming back! What I love most about any blog is when a blogger's personality shines! I can put up with not great photos, a poor layout, or whatever, if I love what they are saying. :)

  3. Great tips! I really need to make use of hootsuit so I'm more active on social media. That's something I haven't put much time or effort into.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I'm boing to have to check out HooSuit!

  5. Great tips! Not having photos is definitely a turnoff. Everybody likes to see pretty pictures or at least a visual of something.

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  7. Oh man! Numbers 1 & 2 are HUGE for me!! Especially if I'm reading a post in Feedly, and then it's like click here for the rest of the I can't. lol, thanks for this!!

  8. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with the "read more" button. It makes the homepage look cleaner and professional.

    I do not like a messy website or posts that have no photos.


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