May 12, 2016

Date Night: Let's Be Kids Again!

When I first met my husband, we were both pretty immature 20 and 21 year old in college. We loved having fun with friends, shared a passion for seeing musicals and also loved anything to do with Pixar and Disney films. Now that we have a two year old of our own, we love recreating our favorite childhood moments with her. It is strange to watch some of your classic Disney movies and remembering seeing it for the first time, as your daughter is just as mesmerized as you used to be! I've shared some fun date night ideas at home but this one has been my most fun!

Our date nights don't always have to include going out and spending money and we each take turns each month to create something fun for the other. This month, I wanted to make it fun and friendly so I wanted to plan a "Let's Be Kids" date night! Here's how you can create one too.

1. Build A Fort. One of the first small dates Zach and I had when we were in college was building a fort together. He thought I was crazy attempting to build it in my small dorm room but I think that's when we both knew we were perfect for one another because we couldn't stop giggling as we struggled to get the pillows and blankets together!

2. Have Your Favorite Snacks As Kids. I'm a huge Twizzler fan so that was a must but I remembered Zach's favorite candy is Peanut M&Ms! We both enjoy our own type of candy as a kid and enjoyed our childhood sweets again. I may have gone a bit overboard on the food for this picture too but it was too much fun not to get everything!

3. Pick Your Favorite Childhood Movie. Zach and I always love to watch some of our favorite movies and I was really excited when I saw that A Goofy Movie was going to be playing on Friday night! Perfect! It was so fun to re-watch the movie again now that I'm older ( and I may still know every single song and sang along to it. Judge me. )

4. Play A Game. The funny thing is I'm actually not the biggest fan of board games but Zach loves playing Monapoly so I got ours out and this fun game of Go Fish! Did anyone else always ask your parents to play this game with them because I'm pretty sure I did for a solid 6 months. It's actually fun to play with my toddler too even though she thinks every fish is hers.

Zach was so surprised when we came home of all the effort that was put into a fun and relaxing date night! So what are you waiting for! Enjoy being a kid again for a few hours with your best friend, spouse or family members!

How do you spend date nights with your spouse/significant other?

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  1. I love this!! I love date nights at home and this is such a cute theme!

  2. Such a cute date night! We haven't had a date night in in a long time!

  3. love love love this idea! So fun. My kids love those Panda cookies

  4. You are just too cute, I love this! :)


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