May 4, 2016

Finding Heaven with Halo Top Ice Cream

Zach and I are huge fan of ice cream. Oh wait, we also have a toddler who can't get enough of this sticky sweet stuff. When Halo Top contacted us if we wanted to try samples of their product, how could we say no?! The best part of this ice cream are the calories which happen to be between 240-280 depending on the flavor. In theory, this ice cream has about a quarter of the calories pr premium ice cream brands! What's better than that. especially for families like mine that like to eat it by the pint.
Halo Top was developed by an attorney who felt guilty about his bad ice cream habit. He took a year and a half to develop a brand that met his criteria. He wanted all natural, non- GMO, hormone-free milk and cream plus gently reduced calories but increase protein which can be the major 'guilt-free' factor with many cases. Each pint contains about 24 grains of protein compared with one of our favorite Breyer's that has only 10g per pint.
The flavors are the next best thing because they are made with top shelf ingredients like organic fruit, cane sugar, Belgian chocolate, cage-free eggs and hormone-free milk and cream. These include Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Lemon Cake, Strawberry (made with organic strawberries), Vanilla Bean ( made with Madagascar vanilla and more.
Interested about where you can purchase Halo Top Ice Cream? Check your location here.
What's your favorite type of ice cream?


  1. So they sent me a coupon for two pints but guess what?? My stores that say that carry it, actually don't. It's quite frustrating because I've been wanting to try it.

  2. Omg this sounds so delicious! I love ice cream too, but the guilty feeling afterwards sucks so this is perfect, will have to check and see if my local grocery store has it!

  3. Okay, I have been hearing sooo much about these things...I must try one ASAP! xx


  4. I have been dying to try out their birthday cake flavor. I heard it is amazing.

  5. I love me some ice cream! It looks SO good. XO, Sarah | |

  6. YUM! This sounds so good (and love that it is guilt free!)


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