May 11, 2016

How to Celebrate Your Fur Babies Birthday

Today marks 7 years of being a "fur Mom". Yes I use that word because I've always wanted to own a pet and be called a "fur Mom" to whatever animal I chose. Sure enough while dating Zach in college, for our two year anniversary I came home to a scavenger hunt in a house we shared with 4 other girls and found an adorable Persian mix kitten. I was speechless and cried for a good 10 minutes because I've wanted my own cat since I was 5 years old but never was able to get one until now.

This fur ball has been a part of our lives and has made mine for the better. The problem with her, as usually with cats, is that they are extremely territorial. Ellie makes sure to know that I'm her person but waking me up with nibbles and licks on my nose, meowing at 4am or snuggling up to watch a movie together. Despite me locking her out of the house by mistake a few weeks ago, we have a bond that can't be broken.

Look some people may think it's crazy to celebrate your pet's birthday but in my world, pets are family and always will be. She may not love everyone, she may be moody and she may be 'that darn cat' on occasion but she loves those who love her back, including Lily, our two year old toddler, who loves to pick her up and carry her around the room. If you know this cat, you know she only allows one person to do that ( me ) and for her to allow my daughter to do this...well let's just say I'm super proud of her patience, understanding and love that she has for her.

So how can you celebrate your fur babies birthday? By doing some of these fun things.

1. Purchase a favorite toy. Ellie loves cat nip. I mean what cat really doesn't love it?! I purchased a cute mouse toy for her last week and she can't get enough of it. She chases it around the house and hides to, only to find it later. It's a great sight to see.

2. Spend time with your cat. Show much you enjoy your cat just by cuddling with them. Ellie loves to just spend a few minutes being petted which doesn't take much effort on my part.

3. Give your cat some of their favorite treats. Ellie loves Party Mix from Friskies as well as their wet food.
4. Make a cat cake. I honestly had no time to make her a kitty cake that I knew she'd love but I did give her some Fancy Feast with a candle. Don't worry the candle wasn't lit when she came by! Don't want to burn her whiskers!

Today, I'm raising my milk glass to my sweet cat and celebrating all the fur babies out there who deserve to be recognized on their birthdays. I hope you enjoy your sweet treats of milk, cat nip and new string!

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?
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