May 13, 2016

Instagram Round Out And My Favorite Things!

Thank goodness it's Friday friends. We have a super busy weekend planned starting tonight with a girls night for my friend's birthday! Tomorrow I have a fun photo shoot planned ( more on that next week ), baking and a fun BBQ to attend. Sunday we're also jam packed with a going away party to help put together and attend, as a friend is being shipped to Afghanistan. It's always scary when friends leave to go to war but we're hoping that he'll come back safe and sound.

Anyways, I also have some fun items that I wanted to share with you all today! I hope you'll join a few of the links up and share some of what you're enjoying in the comments below!
Displaying IMG_6070.JPG

Displaying IMG_6070.JPG
1. Greek Yogurt with Toppings. I found these last week while Lily I were shopping at the Aldi's. How cute are these gGeek yogurts plus I love the various toppings that they come with. This one is a caramel Greek yogurt with pretzel and chocolate chips. Talk about an awesome dessert that's healthy too!

2. This Gold Watch. So many of you commented on my Instagram about this gold watch. I got it from Wristology last year and couldn't pass up how cute the pink face was. It's under $40 here. \

3.  Giveaway. Today's the last day to enter this amazing Giveaway where you can win ALL of these prize's you see here. Go check out my IG for more details!
4. Pasta Dishes. I'm getting a bit more comfortable in the kitchen and can't wait to share an awesome recipe with you tomorrow ( it includes 2 of my favorite food items so if you've been around my blog for a while you may know what those 2 items are ! ) Try looking at this recipe here and tell me what you think!

5. Dear Coffee I Love You. This tank will be put into more detail in the comings weeks but I loved how much you all thought how cute it was too ( especially after that crazy morning I had with our cat ). You can purchase the tank here, the coffee mug here and the sunglasses are from here ( with code CAITSCOZYCORNER for your first month free )

6. HASK Charcoal Purifying Hair Collection- Made from coconut shells, lemon and grapefruit oils, this amazing collection cleanses and clarifies my hair while helping to eliminate impurities from my scalp. It's safe for color treated hair and daily use if you wanted and the charcoal washed out! I was a little nervous at first but now I can't get enough. The smell is intoxicating and makes me feel like I just spent a day at the beach.

7. HASK Bamboo Purifying Hair Collection- This amazing products helps my hair when it's feeling damaged or fragile. It has a strong foundation with bamboo silicone to help reinforce my hair strands, improve the flexibility and prevent all the split ends I seem to be getting lately. It my hair feels stronger, healthier and cleaner just by using it a few time a week. Can I say how clean the smell is too? It's a new favorite of mine!

7. Adult Coloring Books. I was gifted this adorable coloring book from SouthernGirlsColorand I must say it's made a great staple moving to Georgia. All the Southern' sayings make me giggle and I love all the detailing of the pictures. Of course, coloring is always therapeutic for me for my anxiety, but add in some Ben and Jerry's and I'm one happy Mom.

What are some of your favorite things to do on weekends?
Do you enjoy coloring?
Tell me a favorite recipe you've made! 
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  1. I love that watch!! I think I need it in my life!

  2. Adult coloring books are the best! How cute is that tank too?!

  3. Hey Cait!! I can't believe it's taken this long to get to your blog for me! Loving this round up so much. I have had a crazy week with my end of semester- loving all of your photos, especially the watch! You are so adorable.


  4. Love these items!


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