May 10, 2016

My Top Beach Essentials

I love when we found out we were moving to Georgia almost a year and a half ago, that we'd be super close to the beach! Since living here, we've taken two road trips to Floridia visiting my Aunt and Uncle who live in St. Petersburg. Our first trip I felt over packed since we had Lily with us and I needed as many things as possible for her, me and Zach. In reality, I only need a few things on hand when traveling to the beach!

1. Comfy and Chic Bathing Suit - Finding suite after having a baby can be tricky but I want something that'll make me feel confident as well. I'm lusting over this adorable bathing suit for every body type from Adore Me. The halter is removable which I think is great for getting rid of tan lines, plus the color is just gorgeous! This site has great suits for every body type so you feel just as confident and gorgeous as you truly are!

2.Sun Tan Lotion - I always need sun tan lotion not just for me but for Lily and Zach as well. We later this on all the time during the summer months. The smell isn't as strong as other lotions and the 50 gives us a great glow without the harmful UV rays!

3. Cute Tote - Of course a cute tote is always a must and this one is one of my new favorites to bring to the beach. It's easy to carry and great for throwing things in and out when you need to find items!

4. Snacks - I get hungry a lot ( as does my toddler ) so having these easy snacks on hand are key. Lara bars are one of my all time go to snacks and they're made with all natural ingredients so I feel good about sharing them with my family and friends. The apple pie bar is incredible!

5. Sunglasses - Can these get any cuter? I just ordered this pair from Ship Ditto and can't wait to get them for the summer! They have such fun colors and styles for everyone. You can get your first month FREE when you use code "CAITSCOZYCORNER" !

What are your beach essentials? 

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  1. Granola bars are always best at the beach. I cannot wait to be sitting on the beach this summer...hopefully, I'll find some time to do so. *crosses fingers*

  2. I love the tote! I'm obsessed with the colorful tassel trend! The bathing suit is cute, too!

    Kayla |

  3. Love all of these essentials, I don't head to the beach often, but when I do water is such an important thing to carry. I also make sure I either have a book or headphones to listen to music while I lay out!

  4. I'll have to check out that lotion! I still haven't found one I like!

  5. Those sunglasses are super cute and I love the pom poms on the beach bag!


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