May 27, 2016

So Many Favorites SO Little Time!

YES! We made it to Friday and not just any Friday but Memorial Day Weekend!! My sister came in late last night so I'm super anxious to spend some quality time with her this weekend. A bonus is my Mom is flying in tomorrow night too! I don't think the three of us have been together since Thanksgiving so it'll be a lot of girl chatting, nails painting and shopping. I'm sure Zach is thrilled for more girls in the house ;)

Here are few things I'm loving this week and wanting to share with you! As always feel free to comment on what you're enjoying too!

1. Beauty and The Beast Trailer. When this came out a few days ago, I immediately stopped what I was doing and watched it 3 times. It's my all time favorite Disney movie and I remember hearing that Emma Watson would be playing  Belle last year. This just makes me giddy for the spring of next year. I may see it more than once.

2. Family. As I mentioned before, my family is in town this weekend and nothing could make me happier! We'll be celebrating a belated Mother's Day and an early birthday for me since my Mom won't be able to make it in July. I can't wait to show them around our new hometown, eat BBQ and decorate my house.

3. Smart Stuff Sunscreen. Zach, Lily and I spent a little more time outside than planned with all this great weather we've been having. I ended up getting extremely burnt because I wasn't reapplying my sunscreen but Lily came away with only slight tan lines thanks to this amazing all natural Sunscreen I received! It's al all natural based SPF 30 which provides UVB protection and no harmful chemicals. It's a pretty rich formula but it kept Lily's skin feeling smooth and soft all day !

4. Fun Sunglasses. These beauties will be coming to my door in a few days and I can't wait. How do you get such great sunglasses? It's from ShopDitto and you can change out designer sunglasses as many times as you want for only $24 per month! Want your first month FREE ?! Use code CAITSCOZYCORNER at check out and you're all set! It's a must for the summer!

5. Sweet Water Beer - I'm actually not a huge beer drinker but when a coworker suggested I try Sweet Water, I thought why not. These flavors were pretty unique and I would have to say the Goin' Coatal which had pineapple flavor, was my favorite of the three.

6. Essie Nail polish - With Memorial Day weekend tomorrow and summer weather in the air, I'm loving all the bright and soft colors that Essie nail polish has. My go to is either Ballet Slippers or Feiji which are light pinks but I'm also enjoying Marshmallow which is a bright white.

What are you enjoying this week?
Do you have fun plans for Memorial Day weekend?
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  1. I saw the trailer for Beauty & The Beast and it looked SOOOO good, can't believe we have to wait until next year to watch it :(!! Girl time with your mom and sister sounds perfect, have fun!

  2. I love all the fun beer names--I'm a sucker for a cute label! I hope you have a great weekend :)


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