Jun 23, 2016

3 Ways My Toddler Makes My Life Easy

When I became a Mom I thought I was going to have it all figured out. Up until then, I had been around kids my entire life. From babysitting my litter sister, to the neighborhood kids to nannying throughout high-school, college and even graduate school. I have my Bachelor's in Elementary Education as well as 2 endorsements in Special Education and Early Childhood. Basically, kids were/are my life.

But motherhood? Motherhood is something completely different. You look at your own child differently then you did when you nannied other kids for the fact that you actually made this little human being. They are a part of you. They have the same mannerisms as you ( and yes that includes crazy attitudes at times). The one thing that really that put me through the loop, was not realizing that despite some crazy and frustrating moments with my now two and a half year toddler, she actually makes life pretty easy. I thought I'd share 3 ways she tends to make my life simpler.

1. Don't Be Fancy- Regardless of a home cooked meal you took 5 hours to make or 5 minutes, my toddler appreciates it all. Simple meals are the best meals ( think Mac and Cheese 24/7 ) which makes more time for us to enjoy some cuddles, reading books or playing outside. Being fancy also includes my wardrobe. She could care less if my shoes are from college or if I just spent $200 on them. Clothing price tags are non existent to her ( wait until she hits 15 ) and we sure do love to rock our $4 shorts while running through sprinklers!

2. A Hug Fixes Everything- I remember being a kid and knowing if I was hurt all I needed was a tight squeeze from my Mom to make everything better. The same goes for my daughter. When she's had a long day at school, is upset because a friend is playing with someone else, gets upset about an issue, she immediately runs over and gives me a bear hug around my leg or arms. I think it both helps us to release some tension and stress after a long day.

3. Routines Are Essential- Lily needs 3 solid meals throughout her day, 2 snacks and then play time with friends or herself and a nap in between it all. Having simple routines like this make our day productive, busy and on time. Of course we have days where we just don't want to do any of those things but for the most part, we keep to them, especially since were officially potty trained!
While I know many friends are having difficulties with their toddler ( and we of course have our days too ) these are moments and small milestones I want to try and enjoy with her. Everything is kept simple since she knows nothing else and I love that right now. She doesn't need to know that we don't live in a mansion, have the craziest vacations or eat out other week. What she does know is that home is a place for rest, relaxation and love. Her parents and friends adore her and she makes life simple just by being herself.
How does your child make life easier for you?

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  1. Love this! It's so true, as long as she knows love and is adored, you make her little world beautiful. A hug really does fix everything, for us too! And we would be lost without our routine. My boys are very routine driven yet still have some flexibility. Beautifully Candid

  2. This makes me so happy to read, because you don't generally think about toddlers making your life easier! It's so important to take a step back and focus on the positive -- I can see the joy she brings to your world! And hooray for sweatpants and easy meals!


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