Jun 27, 2016

Clean Your Blender In Under 5 Minutes!

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I love summer! The sun on your face, a cool breeze and a delicious beverage to keep you energized and ready to tackle the summer heat. At least here in Atlanta, the heat can make it super difficult to breathe at times! When that happens and my toddler and I need to come in after a busy morning at the park, we're hot and sweaty and in need of a easy drink to cool us down. 
I'm always a smoothie girl and love figuring out new ways to create delicious recipes. A repeat for us at the moment is a Green Goodess Smoothie which has extra spinach in it to give both of us that extra boost we need to keep going! ( Lily doesn't even taste her greens so it a win for both of us especially since all that green blends up quickly and it looks more like a strawberry smoothie ) Here's what you'll need to make this delicious drink! 

-1c of spinach
-Handful of berries ( I love strawberry the best )
-Scoop of your favorite ice cream ( we used Halo )
-1/2 c of Orange Juice

1. Place all your ingredients in a blender and blend until desired thickness. 
2. Pour into a tall glass and sippy for your child to slurp
3. Enjoy!
Now that you've enjoyed that smoothie, here comes the worst part; cleaning the blender! I can never get of that goop that sticks to the sides! With a little bit of water and a few drops of Palmolive® Fusion Clean™ Baking Soda & Lime dish soap, I don't even have to touch anything or worry about getting in all the groves of my blender because it's speculated formula to help with tough messes. It also helps clean those dishes that have been stuck for 24 hours ( yuck!). I'm loving the clean scent of lime that the dish soap gives off so it makes cleaning easy, fun and smelling fresh. It also comes in a delicious grapefruit scent as well! Here's how I clean my blender in under 5 minutes! 

1. Fill your blender with hot water- about half way 

2. Add 4-5 drops of Palmolive® Fusion Clean™ Baking Soda & Lime to the mixture 

3. Turn your blender on watch the bubbles soak and clean in seconds! 

4. Rinse out your blender with hot water to get rid of those bubbles 

5. Let your blender dry on a dish rack or towel to air out.
Look at that! Done in less then 5 minutes and you barely had to do anything except press a button! How simple and easy! I love that it took me more time to put everything together than it did to clean my blender! I found my new favorite dish soaps while shopping at Kroger the other day and you can grab yours there too! Be sure to get a coupon to save .25% oFusion Clean™ Baking Soda & Lime and Grapefruit today! 

What are your favorite cleaning soaps to use?
Share a favorite smoothie you're enjoying this summer!
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  1. I bet both of these smell amazing! Always good to find products that clean things so well, great review! :)

  2. I love using Dawn dish soap but I have used Palmolive and I like that one as well.

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