Jun 17, 2016

Currently Loving

Oh happy day! It's Friday and a big weekend is planned for us. Well, not huge but just exciting enough to celebrate Father's Day on Sunday with our main man. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I see lets of pool time, relaxation and quality family time the next 48 hours! I can't wait! I'm also heading out with some co-workers this afternoon for some quality mani/pedi time since one of them is leaving the company in a few weeks. Can't complain about leaving work early and spend some quality time together! Be sure to check in with my Snapchat for fun things coming up (@CaitW22)

I also can't wait to share some of these fabulous new things that I'm loving this week with you all! Here are a few of them!

1. Wrap Bracelets. When I saw this adorable rose gold pearl wrap bracelet I knew I had to get it. It's stunning in person. It has rose gold pearls, rose quarts and rose crystals all handwoven onto the leather strap. The best part is this adorable engraved Katie Joelle claps that keeps the bracelet on nice and tight but with a comfortable fit. Knowing that this bracelet was handmade too just makes me feel special wearing it thanks to all the effort that Katie put into creating this work of art. You can save 25% off when you use code CAITSCOZYCORNER. Grab some bracelets for your bff, your kid or for a baby/bridal shower!

2. Pom Pom Shirts. When I saw this cute pink pom pom shirt from Grace and Lace it was almost love at first site. The material is incredibly soft and pairing it with cute white jeans makes the color pop even more. Plus, how adorable are those small white pom poms at the end of the shirt? It's such a relaxed fit and is super comfortable to throw on with everything!

3. Yellow Shorts - I'm trying to branch out of my usual black, white and navy colors and added a bit of yellow to my wardrobe! The eyelit material is super soft I love that the shorts can be dressed up or down depending on where I'm going for the evening. Here I was headed to a BBQ with friends but I think I'll be wearing for a girls night out on the town soon!

4. Father of the Bride House- If there is one movie that I can watch over and over again it's this one. I swear that Steve Martin and must have taken cue's from my own parents for their roles because not only does the couple look like my own, but their mannerism mirror my parents to a tee. That being said, the house that the movie used for this heart warming film is for sale and you can bet I'm making a huge effort to attempt to purchase it. You have 1.98 million too right? Awesome!

5. Summer Salads. Whenever summer comes about, I'm always craving salads and not just leafy ones but fun fruit based salads. This incredible blueberry caprese salad is the perfect side dish to add to any BBQ, girl's night or shower event! Click here for more recipes and stay tuned for my own take on a caprese favorite!

What are you loving this week?
What's your favorite side salad to make?
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  1. So fun to branch out with some fun new clothes! Happy Friday!

  2. That house! Oh my word. I love it. And I agree, I could watch that movie over and over.


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