Jun 16, 2016

Personalized Father's Day Gifts

With Father's Day coming up on the 19th ( yikes! ) I wanted to share some fun ideas I had for that special guy in your life. If it's your own Dad, Step-Dad, Father-In-Law or Husband, I think having something personalized just makes your gift a bit more meaningful. I've collected some of my favorite gifts that I've done throughout the years for my own Dad, Zach and FIL Dave.

1. Keychain- If your husband is like mine he rarely carries anything on his key chain besides his keys. Why not give him this cute little reminder of his family's hand prints or footprints to bring with him everywhere he goes?

2. Footprint Photo- We created something similar with Lily's feet for Christmas but I love the idea of having kids hand prints or feet in a photo to remind of you later on of how little they were. We loved creating this for both our parents and Zach loves having one for us to cherish in the years to come

3. Dad Keepsake - If you're wanting something for that special guy to keep at his desk, how about this reminder of being the world's greatest dad

4. Coasters - This is a project I can't wait to work on in a few weeks. I love the idea of having personalized photo coasters and keeping them around for friends to use for their drinks or just to admire like these. Why not make it fun and add it as a gift this year!

5. Mug- For the coffee man in your life, nothing says love than a personalized 'world's greatest Dad' mug for him and him alone to use.

What are some ideas you have? 

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  1. Love that mug! That would make for a great gift!

  2. So many great ideas! Especially loving the foot and hand print frame. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista


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