Jun 22, 2016

Wearing Your Heart In A Necklace

 I'm that girl that wears her heart on her sleeve. I like to tell it like it is, and to not keep things a secret. I love writing poetry, short stories and anything and everything that has to do with shopping, being a Mom and traveling the world. How can I incorporate so many wonderful things into one bold statement. The answer; Orgami Owl. 

Darlene sent over a gorgeous handmade necklace she created for me to show off to friends and family and I couldn't have been more thrilled to wear it. The necklace showcases my most prized possession, my favorite things to do and my passions. It's everything about me fitting nice and neat in a tiny necklace. I was able to pick out some favorite charms to include in the necklace which has a gorgeous diamond ring for married to my college sweetheart, a family sign since family is everything to me, a plane because I have the desire to travel the world and experience it's wonders, a cat for my sweet fur baby Ellie and now new little kitten Belle, sunglasses for my love of summer and all things pink, a Mom charm because being Lily's Mom is such a joy and last but not least, a blog button for my love of this little beauty and all of you amazing bloggers out there.
I chose the rose gold chain because it's becoming one of my favorite shades to wear this summer and I adore the clasp that holds everything into place. If you're looking for a great keepsake to give to your friend's for graduation, a big birthday milestone, a belated Mother's Day gift or just to say "thanks" to that great woman in your life, then you should check out this adorable shop. Make sure to follow Darlene on Facebook and Instagram too!

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve too?
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  1. That necklace is so darling!
    xo, Syd

  2. Origami Owl necklaces are so awesome! Kind of like a charm bracelet, they tell a story! I just added you on snapchat.

  3. Such a pretty necklace! I'm definitely a wear your heart on your sleeve kinda gal too, don't feel bad! ;)

  4. This is such a fun way to show people what you love and are interested in! They look awesome.


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