Jul 26, 2016

30 Things You Can Do In 30 Seconds

It's JULY! I mean I know we've known that for a few days now but wow! Where does the summer go friends? As a kid, I always loved when this month came around not because I could run around in my bathing suit all day eating Popsicle's and jumping through the sprinkler ( life was easier right! ) but because it's also my birthday month! This year is the big milestone. The dirty one. That's right. I'm turning 30 ( cue somber music ).

I know many bloggers share some fun ideas of how they're going to celebrate their 30th birthday and while I have a few ideas up my sleeve, I want to stick to a 30 theme this month. Here and there I'll be posting a few ideas incorporating the number. It'll be fun! Today I'm sharing 30 things you can do in 30 seconds! I'm a huge 'get up and get going' type of girl. I like to do things quick, easy and FAST! If you have some ideas please share in the comments below! I love figuring out what you can do too!
1. Put a song on
2. Tell someone I love you
3. Check your email
4. Write a grocery list
5. Learn one new word in the dictionary
6. Recycle your water bottle
7. Rinse a dish
8. Have a glass of water
9. Donate to charity like this one
10. Get a mini work out in
11. Clean your kitchen table/counters
12. Set a small goal for yourself
13. Turn the lights off in every room of your house/apartment/flat
14. Smile at a stranger
15. Update your To Do list
16. Hug someone
17. Pay a credit card bill
18. Text a friend saying "thinking of you"
19. Buy fruit, not candy
20. Wear less makeup
21. Pet an animal
22. Drop $5 on the ground and walk away
23. Schedule a tweet you like
24. Get the mail/newspaper for a friend
25. Park your car from the store and walk
26. Make a healthy choice
27. Clean up a mess
28. Tidy up the pillow on your couch
29. Wave hello to your neighbor
30. Write an idea for a blog post

What can you do in 30 seconds or less around your home/life?
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  1. I will do 30 things today and write about the result in blog.


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