Jul 25, 2016

4 Tips For Anxious Moms

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As Mom's it's hard not to worry about every little thing we do in the working world, in the children world or even as a person in general. I'm a worry wort by nature and as time goes on, I realize I need to spend less time worrying about the little things and focus more on how to stop those thoughts from taking over. I've written a few posts about how I've dealt with anxiety and even when I had an anxiety attack in front of my daughter. It can be scary to talk about but beneficial if you or someone you know is going through this as well. Today I wanted to share 4 worry free tips for you anxious Mom's like myself to get us to feeling better. 

1. Create A Worry time It can be extremely difficult to just tell people not to worry when you're starting to feel anxious. Creating a "worry time" at a specific time of day can help you release all those thoughts for only a few minutes. During this time write a list of what's bothering you and only take a few minutes to do so. Come back to the last after a few minute are up and allow yourself to be as worry free as possible the remainder of the day.

2. Ask if the problem is fixable- I always need to have a session with my husband when I'm starting to feel anxious. He helps me think through some of my thoughts and together, we see what solution can come of it. Brainstorming together helps me to feel like I can get a grip on the issue and solving it makes such a big difference. 

3. Find Your Happy Place- For me, OREO Thins always satisfy my sweet tooth and relaxing. Once my daughter is in bed and I can enjoy some "me time" I grab a few of these sweet treats plus a cold glass of milk and the day seems to melt away within a few bites. I instantly feel better about eating these because of their delicious flavor ( obsessed with the mint! ) and my non guilty conscious because they're thinner then regular stuffed OREOs. Pass a few more down my way please..or ya know, the entire box. It's cool. 

4- Accept the Uncertainty- While I wish I had a crystal ball at times to see how my thoughts and challenges play out, I know that I don't have control over what happens with the majority of decisions I make. By realizing that I can't get a straight answer at the moment, I take deep breaths or count to 10 to help loosen that anxiousness feeling. It's ok to not have all the answers sometimes and to just take it how it is for now.
I found my delicious OREO Thins at my local Kroger in the candy and cookies section. It' sure was tempting to get as many boxes as possible with this low price going on but I stopped myself at two. I love stopping at my local Kroger to get everything I need plus it's right near my home so I can be in and out the door within a matter of minutes ( while munching on some of these cookies of course ). I'm sure Zach agrees that all I need..for the moment.

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What flavor of OREO Thins are you going to get?

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  1. OOOOH! Those look so yummy im gonna pick some up this week!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. These look so good! Great tips for relaxing and easing your mind of anxiety! :)

  3. Oh mama anxiety. It is so real! I love this idea of creating a worry time. That is something I need to do for sure! {client}

  4. Those look delish especially the mint ones. Yummy!

    Thanks for the tips as well. :)

  5. Oh my gosh I have to try the Mint!!!

  6. Love this <3 <3
    #OREOTHINsideStory #Sweepstakes


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