Jul 21, 2016

Does Your Husband Know His Makeup?

If you've been around my blog for a while you know I love make up, even though I'm not a make up artist but any means! A few of my blogging buddies have shared their fun remarks from their husband about how well they know their make up. Let's see if he knew what everything was shall we..
Bronzer: What gives you color to your face.
Blush: A powder substance that you put on your face. It's pink or red or ya know, that bright color. 
Mascara: What you use to bring out your cheek bones? (I burst out laughing for this)
Eye liner: A black pen that you use to define your eyes 
Strobing: What? I have no idea! 
Eye shadow: A color that you put on top of your eyelids 
Powder: A powder? I've never heard of it. You put powder on your face too?
Foundation: The starting point that you use for your makeup
Concealer: Holds your makeup in place
Highlighter: To highlight what you want to accent. You brighten up your face. Is that right?
Setting Spray: A spray to help set your makeup. 
Contouring: Um? When you want to accent something. 
Primer: What you put down before your paint.. so like, your makeup too? 
Lip liner: Define your lips. 
Brow pencil: Used to make your eyebrows look awesome
Serum: No idea
Cleanser: Clean your face 
Micellar Water: Makeup dissolver? 
Toner: Brighten your face? 
Was this test hard? Yes 
Why? I don't know what this sh** is! I'm a dude! 
TAG anyone that is a makeup lover and wants to ask their significant other about makeup! I can't wait to hear their responses too!

Speaking of makeup, how amazing are those Oval Makeup brushes?! I know that the oval brushes are in right now and you won't be disappointed at how soft they are too! My set came in a pack of 10 ranging from foundation to eye makeup. The short hairs are a bit stiff which actually is perfect for when I contour my face. The design is incredible for smoothing and blending my foundations to give me that flawless finish I've always wanted! Again, the set is INSANE for everything you get for your face like blending, setting, highlighting, brow and more! Grab your set here!

Disclosure-My Makeup Brush Set products have been provided in consideration for a review. This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. This is such a fun idea! What he said about mascara! Too funny.

  2. This is so funny! I need to ask mine these questions!

  3. This is too funny! Loved his comment about primer :)

  4. The mascara answer was the best!haha And I've been hearing a lot about the oval brushes.

  5. I love these brushes so much. They're also cheap.

  6. I need to ask my boyfriend these questions! That's so funny.


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