Jul 28, 2016

How To Be Productive When You're Feeling Burnt Out

We've all been here right? That dreading feeling where you just don't want to do anything but you have a laundry list of things that need to get done. Doing it is probably the last thing you'd want to be doing. I hear ya friend. I was at this breaking point last week trying to get so many thing accomplished but not feeling motivated at all to do.

I realized I need to try and get myself motivated to get it all done but how could I do it? Well, I wanted to share some simple ideas I had that got me out of bed and out the door to get it all done!

1. Snack- One of the reasons for me I know if I'm not feeling motivated is because I'm hungry. I'm one of those girls who get hannnngry for sure ( sorry Zach ). While I'm not a huge breakfast person, I do understand that it's one of the most important meals to eat and helps you to not get distracted by your own hunger. I usually prepare breakfast ahead of time like my overnight oats, or grab a breakfast cookie to snack on the go.

2. Unplug- If there is one thing that stops me from getting tasks done it's getting on social media. I usually allow myself a few minutes to break from one thing to another but I also have to give myself a time limit because I'll find that I'm answering e-mails too long before realizing my water is boiling over on the stove! Quiet time ( and fun loud music ) is always key to keeping you focused and energized.

3. Create An Ultimate Playlist- Whenever I'm feeling sluggish, I create a fun playlist to get me dancing, grooving and energized for my chores either around the house, outside or in the car. Having some of my favorite tunes to sing along too instantly gets me going!

4. Organize Your Life- Nothing is worse then trying to be productive in a super cluttered area. Start small like organizing your desk and delete some old emails so you can breathe a bit easier. I also love to try and color code certain tasks too to help get things running in order and I'm not so overwhelmed when looking at 40 e-mails in about 20 minutes.
How do you become productive?
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  1. I love these tips. I've been running into this feeling quite a bit lately, so maybe I'll try some of these tactics to power through.


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