Jul 12, 2016

My Favorite Surprise!

Remember last Friday when I said that I had a surprise waiting for me this past weekend? While running our little Belle to the vet for our 2nd update with shots ( those are seriously super expensive FYI.. ) I was on my way home when I walked through the door and who should be there by my older cousin and her boyfriend! I probably had tears in my eyes for a good few minutes because she's one of my best friends and I hadn't seen her in a few months!

Surprises like this are the best! Megan and Kirk were on their way to a family outing in Florida but decided to stop in Atlanta for the weekend to enjoy our company, see our new home and spend some quality time with us! I couldn't have been happier too! Of course Lily loved the extra attention from our new house guests as well!

All weekend we enjoyed fun in the sun, swimming in the pool and catching up on everything and anything. Those are my favorite type's of weekends for sure, especially when it involves my family who I barely get to see anymore since moving to Atlanta a year and a half ago. Speaking of which, we were discussing that this is actually the ONE place Lily's been for this long ( we moved 4 times in 2 years with her! ) so that was really exciting. Guess this girl will become a Georgia peach ;). Happy Tuesday friends!
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