Jul 11, 2016

Prevent Mosquito Bites in 10 Seconds

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When I was kid, we used to always go hiking up in the mountains of Vermont. I loved it. Being outdoors, enjoying the sunshine but then suddenly I would feel something itchy and look to see a huge welt on my arm. MOSQUITO. As I grew older I would get bit quicker. My mom used to always tell me that I had sweet blood and that's why I attracted them so quick but man, was it a pain to be covered in. Now that I'm an adult, I still get bite, (especially living in the South! ) and I wanted something that I could use to help as well as use a natural remedy I knew would be beneficial. 

Speaking of natural remedy, I've had so many friends and neighbors who have shared how much they enjoy using Nature's Truth Essential Oils . My friends have told me for years how they love the aromatherapy which is bringing unique scenes of these oils and our senses to help benefit your body, mind and spirit. The oils are extracted from plant like leaves, flowers or herbs to capture the 'essence' of the plant itself. The peppermint in particular is not only soothing but just helps you with your unique needs and desires. For me, having this and a carrier oil ( like Almond Oil) near by in the summer is always needed because of the mosquitoes that seem to be everywhere! Within minutes I can feel myself being attacked ( my Mom used to say it because I have such sweet blood ) but these 2 oils help prevent those pesky bites! 
Nature's Truth Peppermint Oil smells like a candy cane and which immediately lifts my mood and spirit upon smelling. It's tantalizing and refreshing. I love the strong cool and minty fragrance that it gives off which helps me feel vibrant and revitalized. Here's how I help prevent getting bit! 

1. Grab your Nature's Truth Peppermint Oil and unscrew it.
2. Dab a few drops of it in a tissue as well as a carrier base such as almond oil on top of the tissue. Apply it on your legs, face and neck. 
3. I love that after a few drops of it on my skin I not only smell minty fresh, but know the mosquitoes aren't able to handle the peppermint if they land on my arm because they don't like the smell. 
(( * If for some reason it might be too strong for you, you can always dilute it with water in a spray bottle and spray it on your skin as well. ))

Another favorite oil that helps is Nature's Truth Happiness Oil. It's instantly fruity and also refreshing like the peppermint oil. The blend is almost like having pure joy right inside of a tiny bottle. The aroma, although pretty strong is one that is sweet smelling, almost like you're walking into a tropical paradise. This scent also helps me when I need a few minutes of alone time to mediate. The aroma instantly brings me to my own oasis and I essentially feel the happiness that this bottle brings in a few quick seconds.
I found these oils at my local Walgreens in the vitamin aisle, which was perfect since I needed to get a few things for future road trips! If you're wanting to try these little miracle works yourself, make sure to grab a coupon to save $1 . There are so many other scents and I'll be going back to get a few more such as the Almond Base oil, Energy Roll on  ( perfect for your purse ) and the Lemon Scent! Having these oils nearby will help you within seconds this summer! 

Do you use Essential Oils?
Which are your favorite?

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  1. My nephew getting motion sick all the time. :( This is a great tip, thanks girl!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I definitely struggle with motion sickness when traveling a lot so this is very helpful!

  3. I actually can just sniff the bottle and it helps me!

  4. I'm going to have to try this with my daughter! She gets car sick and we have a long road trip coming up next month!

  5. I've used ginger oil for motion sickness before, but peppermint would probably be a lot better! I also use a cinnamon, clove, nutmeg oil for almost everything (inflammation, antifungal, antiox etc.). I love using oils instead of medicine where I can!

  6. I love essential oils. So thankful I don't get motion sickness, but this is awesome. no medication needed. xo ~ Megan

  7. I get a little motion sickness but I have heard of people who get is really bad. This is amazing and I had no idea! Thanks so much for sharing.


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