Jul 15, 2016

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist!

Growing up in Chicago for the majority of my life, my family and I would spend our summer's in the car. We'd road trip from Chicago to Connecticut and New York to visit my aunt and uncle's, cousins and friends. It was a blast but the car ride to and from ( 14 hours mind you ) was always something that could be a battle. When we were little, my younger sister and I would normally just nap, play games or attempt to read ( me not so much because of my darn motion sickness ). As we got older, we loved listening to music, some on our CD players or other times we'd put in musical's that we had just scene on Broadway to sing along too.

As an adult, I love having music in the car to sing along with. My daughter of course being two, loves listening to her own music like sing-a-longs but we she also loves to jam out to Britney Spears ( yes old school but I'll put it on ), Beyonce or Frozen Soundtracks ( duh!) . My husband loves listening to musicals ( shhh ) basic R&B but his true passion is the Classics. Think "My Girl", ""Bennie And The Jets" "A Teenager In Love" Yes my husband has an old soul ;) For me, my playlist can be all over the place at times. I love Classics, Romance Songs, 90's Hits, Musicals and more!

Speaking of road trips, if you're thinking of doing a road trip this summer, you should rent a car from Turo! It's a peer-to-peer renting company. You rent from a local car renter at your specific destination and also put your own car up for rent for someone else to use. The fun part is, most of us have the same ( or different ) taste in music and sometimes they leave their own road trip playlist behind for the next person to enjoy! Grab your info here to find out how you can join the fun bandwagon!

Here's the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist! Have other ideas? Let me know what you're loving to listen too in the comments below!

What are your favorite road trip songs to listen too?
Share the worst road trip you've been on!

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  1. I could totally go on a road trip with you! I love road trips and I think the best parts are the snacks and the music! I tend to listen to albums but I like this mix you have made!

  2. What a great list of songs. I'm a top 40 person. So whatever the current music is that's usually my playlist. xo ~ Megan

  3. Great compilation of songs! Many of those are on my mix CDs in the car. I totally still make them for every occasion and road trip ☺️

  4. So many of these are on our road trip list! Love the suggestions :) My current guilty pleasures to sing at the top of my lungs are: Lagy Gaga - Bad Romance; Fall Out Boy - Sugar, It's Going Down; Live - Dolphin's Cry.... Just to name a few haha.

  5. Such a fun post! My favorite kind of tunes for traveling.... anything from the late 90s to early 2000s involving rap haha! Or Mariah Carey.

  6. Great choices! I love listening to songs from my teenage years in the late nineties and early 2000's!

  7. I love that your husband listens to show tunes!! He's so cool :) This is a great list! Everyone needs a good road trip play list!

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