Jul 7, 2016

What I Wish I Had Known Before Having My Two Year Old

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Motherhood is a complicated thing. I'm not pretending by any means to have it figured out at all even though I've been around children my entire life, helping to babysit my sister and neighborhood kids. Having your own child is something of a miracle in my eyes, to have a little mini you and your best friend running around, loving the things you love and curious about the world they live in. Of course, when I found out we were pregnant with Lily two years ago, so many other Mom's and friends shared their advice with me on what was going to change in my life and what they wished they would have known before having kids. I thought I'd share my own advice as well on what I wish I would have known before having my almost two and a half year old. 

1. Boogers Don't Wipe Themselves- Toddler don't really know how to blow their nose so instead of their boogers going into a Kleenex, they get wiped up on shirts, on pants and even, on you! I always carry extra Kleenex in my pocket or purse for those emergencies! The other day ( and this is a bit TMI so if you don't like booger's don't read any further ) she had a huge dry one stuck up her nose so tight that Zach and I thought if we didn't get it, we'd have to take her into the ER. Luckily we used her little snot sucker to get it out of her nose but ouch! Poor kid! 
2. Kids Have Sensitive Skin- At least mine does. Lily had a bad allergic reaction to detergent when was around a year old and immediately having putting on a clean shirt my Dad had washed, she broke out into an awful rash. Thank goodness for her sensitive skin that we had all® free clear detergent at home to help clear her rash! This amazing detergent is the number one detergent recommended by Dermatologists, Allergists and Pediatricians for Sensitive skin and the only detergent we use for our sweet pea. I also love how her clothes are super soft and helps get rid of stains quickly and efficiently. Lily has never had another issue since using  all® free clear detergent thank goodness and I appreciate that this detergent actually removes 99% of everyday and seasonal allergies including cat and dog dander, dust mite matter, ragweed, grass and tree pollen. You never know what she might end up getting into with our crazy southern' weather but I'm happy to know that if she does, we have this detergent to help her ease back into feeling great again. I also love the all® free clear dryer sheets to continue to keep her clothes looking, smelling and feeling fresh and allergy free when I dry her clothes!

3. Let Kids Be Kids- So many times I find myself getting upset about something so small my daughter did. In reality, they are still learning. They are still going to make mistakes. They are little. They are growing. They need you to help teach them right from wrong did like you when you learned. Continue to let them make mistakes but learn from them and help them succeed. Although I love watching Lily grow up and her personality shining through each day, I still want her to enjoy her childhood and keep being a kid.

4. Enjoy the little moments- Snuggles are going to come and go with toddler hood. I remember when my daughter was little all she wanted to do was snuggle with me. Now being an independent little thing, she's running, jumping and making new friends wherever she goes. She'll always need me of course but I know that enjoying moments of snuggling with a book to read on the couch or getting a big hug from her after she accomplished a goal are still important and what I always look forward too.

Regardless of how moments of frustration, anger and very little patience can come creeping in after a long day at work, my little toddler can always make life challenges easier just by giving me a huge smile or hug when I walk in the door. Motherhood is perfect and I never pretend to have everything figured out. In fact, I love talking to parents about what's helped them with their kids too, especially when Lily had her allergic reaction. 
If you're child has sensitive skin, you can find all® free clear detergent' at any local retailer. ( Remember that  all® free clear is not intended to treat or prevent allergies! Also, make sure that you follow the instructions exactly on the package for best use).  I found mine at my local Kroger where they had an entire section to detergents, dryer sheets and more! Want to find out more about the newest all detergents and grab your own!? Check out their new community

What's the best thing about parenting?
Does your child have sensitive skin?
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    1. Great post! Yes let kids be kids!!!!!

    2. My philosophy is just let them make a mess. Everything can be cleaned up! XOXO

    3. I don't have kids yet, so this was a hilarious read as I'm constantly adding things to my list of what to expect lol

    4. Free and clear products are the best! We try to only use those around the house. I haven't tried the dryer sheets. I will have to check them out.

    5. I love the All Free products. My nose is really sensitive to smells so I appreciate this mild detergent.


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