Jul 27, 2016

When Life Gets Hard

Life gets hard. I wish I could say that every day is great, with smiles, hugs and lots of laughter. But I also don't want to sugar coat it either. Moving away from our friends and family was probably the hardest yet best thing we ever did for several reasons. I thought I'd share some of those reasons for those of you who may be getting through a rut like myself. ( and hey, we're a team so it's ok for us bloggers to stick together through this right! )

Free babysitting. I kid a bit with this but in reality, you don't realize how good you had it when you move away from family members who are always willing to help watch your toddler for a night out with friends, a spontaneous date night or even if you're sick and can't watch your child. When you need your Mom at those low moments but instead of driving over to your house, you have to Facetime or call after work. At least we can still talk but it's not the same to vent out your frustrations, fears your worries without a big hug afterwards.

Comfort Zone. Zach and I picked up our things and left the comfort of the home we only got to make ours for a few months. We found the perfect house, we were both minutes/hours from our family members and then we found out we were going to be relocated after months of searching and getting our first home. It was chaos. It was a struggle. It was hard to do long distance with your husband while he left for Atlanta and I was stuck shoveling snow after working 9 hours, taking care of a super sick kiddo and trying to keep it all together to sell our house so we could move down there. And now that we're here, it has it's great moments but also it's sad ones. I miss seeing my friends from school, catching up at the neighborhood coffee shops or meeting friends and family downtown Chicago for a show.

Uncertainty. Of course moving comes with uncertainty. Will you make friends? Will you like your new home? Will you enjoy your new job? Will people want to play with your toddler? Is uprooting the best thing to do for you and your family? Lily actually moved 4 times in her first 2 years of life. We were living with my parents at the time to save for a home, purchase and bought a home, moved to Atlanta in a tiny apartment and then found another home all within her 2 years of being here on Earth. Is that nuts?! Let me tell you, I'm great at putting stuff in boxes and I hope to never have to see another moving box again ;). It's stressful, it's panicky and it can be a heartbreak to leave those you love behind to go on a new adventure. Sometime's its worth it and sometimes it ok to think it's not.

When you get down in a rut or when life just seems to always be one punch in the face after another, how do you cope? Do you lean on friends? Do you talk to your significant other? Do you just let it try and pass? I'm thankful to at least have some great friends and co-workers down here to help me through difficult times, especially when I just need some time to myself. We all do right. If anything, I at least have you all to listen to me and help me through it too. You guys are the best at always making me feel better!

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  1. Love this and I feel you! I'm so lucky to have my mother in law only a few minutes away to help out when I start going crazy!

  2. Babysitting is the best. I'm so grateful for my mom that lives close by!

  3. Such a great post to remind some mamas they are not alone. We aren't close to family, so I love the babysitter swap. And when life gets crazy, I lean on close friends and my husband. He is calmer than me so that helps too :)

  4. I'm glad you have a good support system! XOXO I really do take advantage of the free babysitting a lot. It would cost us a fortune if we had to pay for a sitter for 4 kids!


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