Aug 18, 2016

15 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter

Ugh you're such a tease because it's not quiet yet Friday yet. Anyone else feel as if this week could continue one forever? Oh wait, well at least it'll be a fun day over here. ( Follow me on Snapchat to find out where I'm heading this afternoon! ) 
Anyways, lately I've been noticing that Lily has gotten a bit more sassier with each passing day. Maybe now that she's officially a two and a half year old and I realized she's getting older each day and not really my little girl anymore. I mean, I know so many of us Mom's can relate to this where one minute you're rocking your newborn to sleep and the next she's so big to even big up anymore! 

While I still am enjoying the toddler stage, there a few things I want to teach my daughter as she continues to grow. 

1. You are loved - no matter what

2. The most beautiful makeup any girl can wear is a smile.

3. Find one good, trustworthy friend. It's not how many you have or how popular they are that counts; it's how they treat you that truly matters.

4. People are more important than things.

5. Listen to your friends rather than focusing on what you might say next

6. Listen to your body

7. Be around people who make you forget to check your phone

8. The book is always better than the movie

9. Need answer's to life's questions? Read Calvin & Hobbes

10 .Embrace being an introvert- your me time is golden. 

11. Make sure your day is as fun as your social profile makes it out to be

12. Be YOU. You were born the way you were for a reason. 

13. It's ok to cry; getting out makes you feel so much better

14. People remember how you made them feel so throw kindness around like confetti. 

15. Never stop expecting the best from people 
What do you want to teach your child?
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  1. These are all great things that she should know especially number nine, that made me giggle. :)


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